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How many times can a member retake the PRT to achieve a higher score?
Member can retake the PRT as many times as the test is given within the commands official PFA cycle.
When shall BCA be taken for the PRT?
BCA shall normally be taken within q1 days of, but absolutely not less than 24 hours, prior to participation in the PRT.
When are servicemembers notified of dates for upcoming PFA's?
Written notification must be provided at least 10 weeks in advance of the PRT? If notification is not given, member shall not participate.
Failing both the BCA and the PRT of the same PFA counts as how many failires?
ONE PFA failure
If members are injured or become ill during PRT or PT, who should CFL's report this information to?
Command Safety Officer.
What are the tracking requirements for an enlisted PFA failure?
Written counseling to include NAVPERS 1070/613. This shall be forwarded to COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS-312C) for inclussion in permanent personnel record and copy placed in member's field service record.
What are the tracking requirements for an Officer PFA Failure?
For first or second failure in a 4 year period, CO's are not required to make an adverse entry in permanent service record. Member shall receive written counseling, not required to forward to COMNAVPERSCOM unless currenlty selected for promotion.
What is the change for Administrative Separation as of July 2005?
CO's are authorized, with ISIC concurrence to initiate ADSEP processing of personnel who are not trying to meet standards.
What is the change for Administrative Separation as of January 2006?
CO's are authorized, with ISIC concurrence, to initiate ADSEP processing for those who are not making reasonable progress toward meeting standards.
What is the fchange for Administrative Separation as of July 2006?
Mandatory ADSEP processing for personnel who failed the PFA three or more times in four years and also failed the spring 2006 PFA.
Can members who fail to meet the BCA or PRT standards including those with 3 or mre PFA failures in most recent 4-year period transfer on PCS orders?
Can members redesignation, rate convwersion, commissioning programs, perform to serve (PTS) and Advance Schools with PFA failures?
Office and Enlisted who fail three or more PFA's in recent 4 year period shall not be eligble until the pass three consecutive PFA's or no longer possesses three PFA failures in most recent 4 year period.
Can Officers be promoted if they have failed the most recent official PFA?
NO, member may regain elegibility upon passing next command directed PFA (or command FEP mock PFA)
Can member be eligible for taking advancement test when failed PFA?
No, member who has failed 3 PFA's in a 4 year period, may only be eligibe to take the advancement test after they have passed two consecutive PFA's prior to next advancement exam date.
What are the letters used for indication of performance on PRT?
P - Pass
F - Fail
M - Medically Waived
N - Not tested
What does a code consist of for use in the fitness report or evaluation?
Three letters with a slash (/) between the first and second letter.
What is the first letter in the code indicate?
Indicate performance on most recent PRT or PFA
What are the second two letters in the code?
Indicate most recent BCA of PFA
Codes used for BAC?
WS - Within Standards
NS - Not within standards
MW - Medically waived
XX - Not weighed or measured
When can MW be used?
Pregnancy or Unusual cases where member's weigh or circumference is distorted by a temporary medical condition.
Where are PFA annotated in enlisted evaluations?
Block 20 using appropriate PFA codes
Where are PFA's annotated for Flag Officers?
Block 10a(7) of NAVPERS 1611/2-1
Where should results of all PFA's performed during reporting period except most recent, be notated?
"Comments on Peformance" section using folliwng PFA codes:
Spring OX PFA: P/WS
Spring 0X PFA: M/MW
What shall an enlisted member receive when it is the members 3rd or more PFA in most recent 4 year period?
A grade no greater than 1.0 in Military Bearing and marks of "Significant Problems" and "Retention Not Recommended"
What shall an Officer member receive when it is the members 3rd or more PFA in most recent 4 year period?
A grade no greater than 1.0 in Military Bearing and "Significantg Problems" in the promotability mark.
Can an elisted member reinlist if they fail to meet PFA standards three or more times in most recent 4 year period?
Can the CO approve members request to extend with 3 or more PFA's?
CO can approve 6 month incriments provided the CO has assurance that member has potential to pass next PFA. No more than 48 months.