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How many times a year do Drilling Reservists including Voluntary Training Unit Members have to complete the PFA?
Twice annually
When does PRIMS data need to be entered for all command members?
Within 30 days of completing each PFA cycle.
How often are personnel required to perform Physical readiness activities?
Three sessions per week.
How long should Physical Readiness Activities last?
60 minutes in length to allow for proper warm up and cool down and 30 - 40 minutes continuous aerobic activity.
What must a person have to qualify as an Assistant Command Fitness Leader?
Personnel must have a written letter by CO to carry out this instruction.
How many people should be assigned to an Assistant Command Fitness Leader?
The optimal number is one assistant per 25 members depending on Command size and structure.
How many PFAs are performed annually?
What is issued an enlisted military member when he/she fails to meet body composition assessment and/or PRT standards?
NAVPERS 1070/613, Administrative Remarks
What should individual servicemembers develop:
Regular, year-round, fitness program of aerobic, flexibility, and muscular strengtgh and endurance exercises for a minimum of 40 minutes, at least 3 times a week.