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Faunal Succession
A principle or law stating that fossil species suceed one another in a definite and recognizable order; in general, fossils in progressively older rock show increasingly greater differences from species living at present.
A body of rock of considerable thickness that has a recognizable unity or similarity making it distinguishable from adjacent rock units. Usually composed of one bed or several beds or sedimentary rock, although the term is also applied to units of metamorphic and igneous rock. A convenient unit for mapping, describing or interpreting the geology of a region.
Fossil assemblage
Various different species of fossils in a rock.
Radioactive decay
The spontaneous nuclear disintigration of atoms of certain isotopes.
Half Life
Amount of time it takes an amount of a radioactive isotope to be reduced by half.
Principle that geological processes operating at present are the same processes that operated in the past. "The present is the key to the past.
A surface that represents a break in the geological record, with the rock unit immediately above it being considerably younger than the rock beneath.
Mass Wasting-Landslide
Very rapid descending mass of rock or debris.
Mass Wasting-Creep
Slow movement, due to freeze/thaw
Types of movement-Flow
A type of movement-descnding mass is moving downslope as a viscous liquid.
Types of Movement-Slip (Slide, Slump)
Slide-Descent along a straight surface.
Slump-Descent along a curved surface.
Types of Movement-Fall
This occurs when material free-falls or bounces down a cliff.
Mass Wasting
Movement caused by gravity in which bedrock,, rock debris or soil moves downslope in bulk.