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What army reference covers physical fitness training?
FM 21-20
What are the three phases of fitness?
Preparatory, conditioning and maintenacne.
What are the seven principles of exercise?
What are the five components of physical fitness?
Muscle strength
muscle endurance
body composition
cardiorespiratory endurance
What will be the FM number of the new PT manual?
FM 3-25.20, army physical readiness training
What are the three phases of a fitness session?
Warm up (5-7 minutes)
conditioning (includes five components of fitness)
Cool down (5-7 minutes)
What are the key factors of a fitness training program?
What is muscular strength?
The greatest amount of force a muscle or muscle group can exert in one movement.
Describe two methods for assessing muscular strength.
Bench press at least your body weight one time.
Leg press at least twice your body weight one time.
What is muscular endurance?
The ability of a muscle or muscle group to perform repeated movements with moderate resistance for given periods of time.
What two components of fitness are tested in road marching?
Cardiorespiratory and muscle endurance.
How does the army test a soldier's muscle endurance?
The two minute push up and sit up test.
How does the army test a soldier's cardiorespiratory fitness?
2 mile run
What are thwo methods for assessing flexibility?
The yardstick protocol
The standing toe touch
What two major elements compose body mass?
Lean body mass and body fat.
Is the sit up test terminated when the fingers become unlaced?
What would a commander use to gain a quick assessment of a unit's flexibility?
The standing toe touch.
What is the leading cause of death in the US
Heart disease.
What are the three primary causes of heart disease?
High blood pressure
High blood cholesterol
WDescribe some benefits of exercise.
Decreases stress, anxiety and depression. Results in muscular and cardiorepiratory health. Reduces disease risk and enhances the quality of time.
What does "max v02" mean?
The efficiency with which the heart pumps oxygenated blood to the muscles is expressed as one's maximum oxygen consumption, or max v02
Define circuit training.
A group of stations or areas where specific tasks or exercieses are performed.
What are the two basic types of circuits?
The are free and fixed circuits.
What is the difference between free circuits and fixed circuits?
Free circuits are not timed, and there are a fixed number of repetitions to be performed at each station. In a fixed circuit each station is timed.
What are the two primary types of PT formation?
The extended rectangular formation and the circle formation.
What are th commands for the extended retangular formation?
extend to the left, march
arms downward, move
left, face
extend to the left, march
arms downward, move
right, face
from front to rear, count off
even numbers to the left, uncover
assemble to the right, march
What are the commands for the circle formation?
Circle formation, follow me.
pick up a 5 yard interval
Are permanent orers required to wear the physical fitness badge?
What are the requirements for awarding the physical fitness badge?
The soldier must score at least 90 points in each APFT event, and meet the height and weight conrol requirements of AR 600-9
How long may a soldier wear the physical fitness badge?
It may be worn as long as the soldier maintains a minimum passing score on all subsequent PT tests and the weight control requirements are met.
What document is used to prove a soldier is entitled to wear the physical fitness badge?
The APFT scorecard, DA form 705
What is the maximum allowable slope of a running surface for the two-mile run of the APFT?
No more than a three percent grade
Why should every soldier be physically fit regardless of age or duty assignment?
It is essential to the readiness and combat-effectiveness of the Army.
What are the objectives of the Army Physical Fitness Program?
To enhance combat readiness by developing and sustaining a high level of Physical
Fitness in soldiers
In what way does physical conditioning benefit an individual?
It builds the individual’s morale, self-confidence, and overall well-being.
Who does the physical fitness policy apply to?
The physical fitness policy applies Army wide. It includes all soldiers, functional
branches, all units and operating agencies.
What is the purpose of physical fitness testing?
The purpose of physical fitness testing is to give soldiers an incentive to stay in good
physical condition and to allow commanders a means of assessing the general
fitness levels of their units.
Whose responsible for the planning, conducting, and evaluating physical training and
All officers and noncommissioned officers
Who does the Physical Fitness Training Policy apply to?
All personnel in the Active Army, the ARNG, and the USAR.
What is the responsibility of the unit’s Master Fitness Trainer?
a. To prescribe proper exercise and fitness techniques to assist soldiers in
determining, achieving and maintaining an appropriate personal weight goal.
b. Assist commanders in developing proactive programs that clearly establish
physical fitness as a unit value.