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Sardina Island
South of border between France and Italy and east of the bottom of Spain
Corsica Island
Slightly north of Sardina Island, almost touching
Triangular island, looks like it is attached to Italy's boot
Cyprus Island
South of Turkey, and parallel to the beginning of Africa
Elba Island
Small Island just off the coast of Tuscany
Rhone River
Goes up North from the bottom of France in Y shape
Thames River
Goes straight up North through England
Arno River
Goes horizonally across Italy from Tuscany Region
Dneister River
Goes vertically on the east side of Ukraine
Don River
Comes from the Caspian Sea and heads west towards Volograd and goes North when it reaches there
Messina Strait
Goes through Sicily and Italy
Kattegat Bay
Goes around Denmark to the Baltic Sea
Bosporus Strait
Connects Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea (Istambul)
Dardanelles Strait
Connects the Aegean Sea to the Sea of Marmara
Cape Trafalgar
The cape that is made by the southwest coast of Spain and Portugal
Gulf of Finland
Directly North of Estonia and directly south of Finland (Baltic Sea)
Jutland Peninsula
Balkan Peninsula
Crimean Peninsula
Part of Ukraine that goes into the Black Sea
Balkan Mountains
Mountain range that primarily goes through Bulgaria
Caucasus Mountains
East of the Black Sea in Southern Russia
Ardennes Mountains
Go through Belgium horazontally
Ural Mountains
Above the Caspian Sea, in Russia
Brenner Pass
A pass through the Alps in Austria (Italy Border maybe)
Sea of Marmara
Connects the Aegean Sea and Black Sea
Caspian Sea
In Russia