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When during the menstual cycle is a woman most susceptible to PID?
During menses
When must the os open each month?
What sort of discharge accompanies PID?
Yellow Mucopurulent Discharge
Patient has painful ulcer on genitals that bleeds easily. Dx? Organism?
Chancroid - H. ducreyi
Pregnant lady has indirect bilirubinemia, liver dysfunction, and a low platelet count. Dx?
HELLP syndrome
-elevated liver enzymes
-low platelets
The diagnosis is itself a mnemonic.
Preeclampsia Si/Sx? (3)
What finding moves a woman from preeclampsia to eclampsia?
What is the prophylactic treatment for seizures in preeclampsia?
magnesium sulfate
Patient has a fixed abdominal TENDERNESS upon rotation. Eponym? Dx?
Adler's sign -> ectopic Pg
What does an ectopic pregnancy feel like during a physical exam?
Bimanual exam: boggy, POORLY delineated adnexal mass
What is the term for irregular menses?
What defines an inevitable abortion?
What distinguishes threatened abortion from abortion?
In a threatened abortion, the os is still closed.
Bilateral breast pain that is worse with menses. Diagnosis?
Dx: fibrocystic disease
How do you clinically distinguish between placenta previa and abruptia placentae?
Placenta previa is painless.

Abruptia placenta is painful.
What is the medical term for painful intercourse?
When the placenta adheres to the myometrium without an intervening decidual layer, what is this called?
Placenta accretia
Patient begins to bleed as cervix dilates and labor approaches. Name?
Bloody show
When does gestational thrombocytopenia develop?
Third trimester
How common is gestational thrombocytopenia?
8% of pregnant women
How do you distinguish ITP from gestational thrombocytopenia?
Almost impossible during pregnancy. Basically, gestational thrombocytopenia will go away after parturition.
Most common cause of "spotting" in a post-menopausal woman?
Atrophic vaginitis
Most worrisome condition in the differential diagnosis of "spotting" in the post-menopausal woman?
Endometrial carcinoma
Which tumor of pregnancy is associated with preeclampsia?
hydatidiform mole
How high should the uterine fundus be at 20 weeks?
at the umbilicus
Describe the discharge of bacterial vaginosis.
Gray, watery, and fishy.
Describe the discharge of trichomoniasis.
frothy green
What is the gross histological findings of trichomoniasis? (2)
1) Petechiae
2) Strawberry spots on cervix or vaginal wall
A 25-year-old woman has a fixed, well-circumscribed, mobile mass in her breast. Most likely dx?
A 50 yo woman has a bloody discharge from her nipple, but no breast mass. Diagnosis?
Intraductal papilloma
A 40 yo woman has an eczematous breast that occasionally bleeds and oozes a discharge.
Paget's disease of the breast.