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What does rouleaux formation indicate?
This is the histological equivalent of increased ESR
Can a patient with MGUS have a Bence-Jones protein?
No, this suggests leukemia
Which immunoglobulin is produced in Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia?
W = upside down M

Also, it is a MACROglobulinemia. Which Ig is the biggest one?
Where in the colon are the polyps found in a patient with HNPCC?
-Proximal or distal?
-Ascending or descending?
Proximal = Asceding = R-sided
Patient presents with severe postoperative bleeding. On peripheral smear, he has abmormally large platelets. Assays reveal that these platelets that cannot bind vWF. Dx?
Bernard-Soulier syndrome
Pt has signs of both platelet dysfunction and hemophilia. Dx?
von Willebrand disease
What is the most common form of von Willebrand disease?
Type I (heterozygote)

Type III is less common and is the homozygote.
What is the treatment for Type I and Type IIa vWD?
Desmopressin -> stimulates release of vWF stores.
Patient develop cataracts and DVTs following treatment for breast cancer. What caused this?
Tamoxifen side effects. Also causes menopause.
What two valvular heart diseases can be caused by carcinoid syndrome?
Tricuspid regurge
Pulmonic stenosis
Both cause elevated JVP
Sickle cell patient has LUQ pain and anemia. Dx?
Splenic sequestration syndrome
Red blood cells have basophilic stippling. Dx?
Lead poisoning
Causes of microcytic hypchromic anemia?
T halassemia
I ron Deficiency
C hronic Disease
S ideroblstic Anemia
Mnemonic: TICS
Patient with sickle cell disease develops a syndrome similar to lobar pneumonia. What is this called?
Acute Chest Syndrome (Infarction)
Caused y infarction
Which virus can cause an aplastic anemia in a person with sickle cell disease?
B19 virus
A Greek patient develops jaundice whenever he eats fava beans. Dx? Inheritance?
GPD deficiency (favism)

X-linked, but females are still affected due to lyonization.
Patient develops petechiae. Lab reveals extremely low platelet count. Dx?
ITP (Autoimmune platelet destruction)
Patient develops autoimmune hemolytic anemia and ITP. Eponym?
Evan's syndrome

Could also be TTP
Patient develops thrombocytopenic thrombotic purpura. What symptoms might he display? (5)
F ever
A utoimmune Hemolytic Anemia
T hrombocytopenia

R enal dysfunction
N euro lesions (infarcts)
Mnemonic: FAT RN
Patient has permanent left-shift, even in the absence of inflammation. Dx?
Pelger-Huet anomaly
How specific is LDH for Hodgkin's lymphoma?
Not very. It is more of a product of tissue turnover than anything else.
What cancers are associated with CEA? (2)
Colon cancer
Breast cancer
What cancer is associated with CA-125?
ovarian cancer
What is a tumor marker for multiple myeloma?
Pt has recurrent venous thromboses and hemolysis. UA reveals hemosiderinuria. Dx?
Paroxysmal noctural hemoglobinuria
What are the two main lab tests for PNH?
Acid hemolysis test
Sugar-water test