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Most common type of hernia?
Indirect hernia
Where is an indirect hernia found?
INdirect are IN the INguinal canal
During a physical exam on a patient with an inguinal hernia, you stick your finger into the inguinal canal. How do you distinguish a direct from an indirect hernia
Indirect -> strikes the examining finger LATERALLY

Direct -> strikes MEDIALLY
What is the only type of hernia that is more common in women?
Femoral hernia. i.e., hernia through the femoral ring that also contains femoral artery and vein.
Relief of scrotal pain occuring with elevation is associated with what condition?
Describe the levels of severity of BPH.
Mild: Si/Sx less than 20% of the time

Moderate: Si/Sx 20-50% of the time

Sever: Si/Sx >50% of the time
Categorized as mild, moderate, or severe.
Most common cause of glomerulonephropathy?
IgA (Buerger's) nepropathy
Patient has nephritic syndroma and hearing loss. Dx?
Alport's syndrome
Another random eponym
What are the indications for dialysis? (5)
A cidosis
E lectrolyte abnormality
I ngestion (eg, antifreeze)
O verload, Volume, w/ diuretics
U remia w/ symptoms
Mnemonic: AEIOU
What are the Si/Sx of uremia? (3)
What renal syndrome do patients with amyloidosis develop?
Fanconi's syndrome - Type 2 RTA
Proximal defect
Causes of renal cancer? (2)
Smoking and obesity
Rush Limbaugh may die of renal cancer
Professions associated with bladder cancer? (2)
Chimney sweeps
Dry cleaners
Chemical causes of bladder cancer? (2)
Aromatic hydrocarbons
Chemical causes of ureter cancer?
Aromatic hydrocarbons
Bladder cancer risk factors plus a british drug