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Most accurate way to take an infants temperature? (Location and time)
Rectum for 90 seconds
Explain the scale of the amplitude of a pulse
1 = Decreased
3 = Increased
Scaled from 0 to 4
How much of the limb should the bladder of a BP cuff encircle?
Describe the relationship between cuff size and BP inaccuracies.
Too small -> Artificially high
Too big -> Artificially low
Noonan syndrome:
-Si/Sx? (2)
-Normal findings
Inheritance: AD
Si/Sx: Webbed neck, short stature, congenital heart disease:
Normal: Gonads, karyotype.
Patient looks displays Si/Sx of Turner's syndrome, but has normal gonads and karyotype. Dx?
Noonan's syndrome
Early v. late septic shock
Early=~normal blood pressure

Late = HYPOtensive, not corrected by crystalloid fluid replacement, w/ organ dysfunction (especially AMS)
Describe the degrees of sprain.
-Structural damage
1st: microtears, minimal swelling
2nd: partial ligament tear, more swelling, difficulty w/ wght
3rd: complete tear, swelling + bruising, unable to bear wght
Three degrees
Hip pain may be referred to what places? (4)
Groin > Butt > Greater Trochanter > Knee
Which part of the hand is most sensitive to vibration?
Ulnar surface
Which part of the hand is most sensitive to temperature?
Radial surface
The fingertips are NOT the most sensitive areas of the hand for what TWO sensory modalities?
Vibration and Temperature
What two cranial nerves mediate taste?
CN7 and CN9
What taste modalities does CNVII mediate?
Sweet and salty
What taste modalities does CNIX mediate?
Sour and bitter
Describe the grades of muscle strength.
0 = no contractility
1 = contractility, no movement
2 = motion w/o gravity
3 = motion against gravity
4 = motion against gravity and resistance
5 = full strength
Graded 0 to 5.
Pitting edema scale
1+ = 2mm deep, no distorion w/ finger release

2+ = 4mm deep, distortion for 10-15 seconds

3+ = 6mm deep, distortion for more than 1 minute

4+ = 8mm deep, distortion for 2-5 minutes
1+ to 4+
Patient has recurrent facial swelling WITHOUT uticaria. Several family members have a similar problem. Diagnosis? Molecule affected?
Dx: Hereditary angioedema

Factor C1q deficiency
Physical exam findings of altitude sickness? (2)
Retinal hemorrhages and crackles
Teenage girl with LARGE PAROTIDS. BMI is low. Dx?
Normal BMI?
18.5 to 25

Severe MN = <16
Mod MN = 16-17
Mild MN = 17-18.5
nml = 18.5-25
overweight = 25-30
obese = 30-40
morb obese = >40
Overweight BMI?
A: 25-30

Severe MN = <16
Mod MN = 16-17
Mild MN = 17-18.5
nml = 18.5-25
overweight = 25-30
obese = 30-40
morb obese = >40
Obese BMI?
A: 30-40

Severe MN = <16
Mod MN = 16-17
Mild MN = 17-18.5
nml = 18.5-25
overweight = 25-30
obese = 30-40
morb obese = >40
Morbidly Obese BMI?
A: >40

Severe MN = <16
Mod MN = 16-17
Mild MN = 17-18.5
nml = 18.5-25
overweight = 25-30
obese = 30-40
morb obese = >40
How do you calculate how much of a burn patient's body is burned?

Each arm = 9%
Head = 9%
Each side of torso = 18%
Each leg = 18%
The Rule of Nines
Normal time of capillary refill?
<2 seconds
Which arteries are affected in an epidural hematoma?
Middle meningeal artery
Which IC hemorrhages involve the middle meningeal artery?
Epidural hematomas
On CT scan, which IC hemorrhages are associated with a CONCAVE hyperdensity and which are associated with a CONVEX hemorrhage?
ConvEx -> Epidural
Concave -> Subdural
Which hemorrhages are associated with a "lucid interval", where the patient is fine shortly after the traumatic incident but then rapidly deteriorates an hour or so later?
Epidural hematoma
What herniations are associated with "blown pupils"?
Uncal herniations
Which poison smells like garlic?