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What are the 3 columns of vascular erectile tissue that forms the shaft of the penis?
• corpus spongiosum (contains the urethra)
• copora cavernosa (2 columns)
Which tissue forms the bulb and glans?
corpus spongiosum
Gonococcal penile discharge is usually what color?
Penile discharge associated with nongonococcal urethritis is usually what color?
may be clear or white
What is phimosis?
a tight prepuce (foreskin) that cannot be retracted over the glans
What is paraphimosis?
• a tight prepuce that, once retracted, cannot be returned
• edema ensues
What is balanitis?
inflammation of the glans
What is balanoposthitis?
inflammation of the glans and prepuce
What is hypospadias?
a congenital, ventral displacement of the meatus on the penis
What is an incarcerated hernia?
when the contents of the hernia cannot be returned to the abdominal cavity
What is a strangulated hernia and what signs/symptoms suggest it?
• a strangulated hernia is when the blood supply to the entrapped contents is compromised
• suspect strangulation in the presence of tenderness, nausea, & vomiting
What is the most common cancer in young men between ages 15 and 35?
testicular cancer
What is Condyloma acuminatum?
• venereal warts
• most and often malodorous
• result from infection by HPV
What are epidermoid cysts?
• firm, yellowish, nontender, cutaneous cysts up to 1 cm in diameter
• common and frequently multiple
What is a hydrocele?
a nontender, fluid-filled mass within the tunica vaginalis
What does a painless, movable cystic mass just above the testis suggest?
spermatocele or cyst of the epididymis
Describe Tuberculosis Epididymitis
• the chronic inflammation of tuberculosis produces a firm enlargement of the epididymis
• maybe tender with thickening or beading of the vas deferens
What is variocele?
• varicose veins of the spermatic cord
• usually found on the left
• feels like a soft "bag of worms"
What is the most common inguinal hernia?