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what is second leading cause of death in women?
breast cancer
what is goal of assessment of the breast?
note any changes in 'normal'
what is the mammary gland?
what is function?
composed of 15-20 lobes; each lobe has 50-75 lobules; lobules contain acini cells produce milk
anatomical location of breast
b/w ribs 2 and 6; sternal edge and midaxillary line
2/3 of breast lay over_____and 1/3 is over____
pectoralis major; serratus anterior
what part of the breast extends in axilla?
tail of spence
t or f: it is abnormal for breasts to be unequal in size.
name the primary structures of the breast
lobe, lobules, milk duct, milk sinuses, acini cells, areola, nipple, ligaments, bld vessels, lymphatic tissue and suporting muscle.
what kind of tissue is breast made up of?
glandular connective and adipose and smooth muscle and nerve fibers
what system are the breasts part of?
what do lactiferous ducts and glands do?
carry from glands to sinuses which store
contains montgomery glands (sebacious glands) that lubricate druing breast feeding
coopers ligaments
support: fused w/ outer laysers of superfical facia- suspensory lig. attached to chest wall
what supplies bld to breast?
internal mammary artery
name 8 lymphnodes and sites of the breast
anterior(pectoral)drains most of breast
central(midaxillary), lateral, internal mammary, parasternal, subscapular, supra and infra clavicular
what ethnic group has largest incidence?
ashkenazi jews- familial breast cancer gene
white higher incidence, afric. amer higher death rate
what are risk factors for cancer?
age, fam.history, nulliparity- 1st pregn. after 30, early menarche, late menopause, estrogen high bcp or hrt, carrier of cell brca1 or brca2 10% are
4 steps in teache BSE
1. look in mirror elevate arms slow than push on hips, leaning forward technique for palpate
remind of towel under shoulder
3.squeeze nipple b/t index and thumb
4.reporting findings
when should bse be done
monthly; 7 days after first day of menstruation.
who finds the lumps and what %are benign
usually woman herself and 80%
fibroadenoma of breast
well defined mass no pain
round firm movable 1-5cm
usually solitary
early teens or 20s
fibrocystic disease
thick nodular areas bilateral
mild pain tendernes
mobile upper outer quad
caffein, cystic fluid 18-40
interductal papilloma
discharge unilaterally
moderate pain
no mass palpable
mammary duct ectasia(dilation)
discharge and retraction, pain and itching
subareolar ducts rubbery,
large nodes, early menopausal
pain tenderness- firm red warm; cracked nipples, abscess, large painful nodes, 3-4 weeks postpartum
what is the ratio of women who will develop breast cancer
what major cause of gynecomastia in men
t or f: breastfeeding decreases risk for bc
what is pagets disease?
malignancy of areola and nipple
drugs that affect breast adversly
androgen, antidepres.,antipsych, cardiac glycosides,estrogen, oral contraceptive, progest, cimetidine, reserpine
what is mastalgia
breast pain or tenderness