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Define compound.
a pure substance made up of two or more elements whose atoms join together in a chemical change.
What is the term that refers to a particle of a compound?
What are some physical properties that help to identify a specific compound?
melting point, density, color
What are some chemical properties that help to identify a specific compound?
reactivity with water, reactivity with acid, reactivity to light.
Compounds can be broken down into _________ compounds or into individual _________.
smaller or simplier,

What kind of change is needed to break down a compoun and how can you make this happen?
A chemical change by adding heat or electric current (both are forms of eneryg).
What are some common household compounds that you use most everyday?
Water H2O
Salt NaCl
Carbon dioxide CO2
Baking soda NaHCO3
The properties of a compound are (alike,different) from the properties of the individual elements in the the compound.