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Intergroup Relations
1) groups and thier functions
2) group identity us verses them
3) prejudice and discrimination
4) immigration
5) ways to improve interethnic relations
Groups and their functions
they satisfy our presonal needs, reward us, provide,information, raise our self esteem and give us an identity
Social Identity
refers to the way you define yourself in terms of your group memebership
Types of Identity
1) ethnicity and Religion
2) political affiliation
3) Vacations and avocations
4) relationship
5) stigmatized identities
to favor one's own group and believe it is superior to other groups
is an unjustified negative attitude toward an individual bases on the individual's memebership in a groupl
an unjustified negative or harful action toward a member of a group simply becouse the person belongs to that group
Sources of Prejudice
1) individual personality
2) competition between groups over scarce resources
3) motivation to enhance self esteem
4) cognitive process that contribute to a tendencyto aply sterotypes
5) cultural leaning
Modern Racism
involves negative feelings about minority groups, but not traditional stereotypes.
Old Fashioned Racism
was overt and relatively simple, asserting the inferiority of non white's to discriminate against others.
immigrants often experience stressors uncommon to or less prominent amoung longtime residents, such as language barriers, separations form support networks, and the dual struggle topreserve their ethnic identity and to acculturate
Ways to improve interethnic Relations
1) task oriented cooperation
2) intimate contact
3) acknowledge diversity