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sponges name of phylum is
what does ******** the phylum mean
they have pores
what does the pores do for the sponges
help filter water they live in
sponges name of phylum is
does sponges move
no really only animal that dosent move
why dont sponges move
attached to floor of sea
where do sponges live
fresh water rivers lakes and streams
name two sponges
basket crumd, breadcrumb sponge
what does cridarians mean
stringing cells which describes the type of these cells that the animal have
what type of symmetry are sponges usually
do they have hollow bodies
where do cridarians live
mostly salt water, could be found in fresh
name three cridarians
sea stars, sea jellies, corals
what does echinoderms mean
spiny skin which is the outside of their skin
what type of symmetry are they
usually radial
where do echinoderms live
on the bottom of the sea sometimes under rocks
name some echinoderms
sea stars brittle stars, sea urchins ect
what does mollusk mean
soft which describes these organisms
name somoe features of mollusks
they have soft bodies, which are usually protected by shells
name three basic types of mollusks
univalve (gastropod)
describe the basic the univalve (gastropod) of mollusks
usually have one shell, or no shell
they are the most abundant mollusk group
ex snails, slugs
describe bi-valve of mollusks
have two shells
ex clams, oysters, mussels
describe cephalopod which is of mollusks
they have no shells
they are the largest, most complex mollusks
ex octopuses, squid, cuttlefish
where do mollusks live
on water / land
how many legs do crustaceans have
describe the 5 legs of crustaceans
the front pair is used for clawing food, back 4 pairs are for moving and bringing water over gills
how many pairs of antenna do crustaceans have
1 or 2
crustaceans have jaws called what
mandibles for crushing food
where do crustaceans live
most live in water some live on land in moist areas
name a couple of crustaceans
lobsters, crayfish, crabs, shrimp, barnacles, pill bugs
arachnids have how many body segments?
how many pairs of legs do arachnids have
do archnids have wings or antennae
how complex are the arachnids eyes
simple eyes
where do arachnids live
in the woods, homes, yars, warm climates
name a couple of arachnids
spiders, mites, ticks, and scropians
insects have a population of what
they are the most succesful animal
how many body segments and leg pairs do insects have
do insects have wings
some do
do all insects have antannae
they usually do
what kind of eyes do the insects have
compound eyes
where do insects live
woods, homes, yards, warm climates
name a couple of insects
ants, flies, butterflies, beetles, grasshoppers