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What are 3 characteristics of insects? (how they move and how many body sections?)
6 legs
1-2 pair of wings (outer wings used for camouflage, inner for flying)
3 body sections (head, thorax, abdomen)
What is the purpose of air sacs?
where oxygen diffuses into cells and carbon dioxide diffuse into air scas to be excreted
What structures are part of the thorax?
legs, wings
What structures are on the abdomen of insects?
digestive system
reproductive system
What sense organs do insects have?
1 pair of antannae
eyes(simple or compound)
What are some structures on the head of insects?
mouth, brain, sense organs (eyes and antennae)
What are a few examples of insects?
grasshopper, butterfly, bee, beetle, mosquito, flea
What are the spiracles for?
openings on the abdomen that help breath air in and out