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Overall capacity of an individual to act purposefully, to think rationally, and to deal effectively with the environment
An approach to evaluating intelligence that uses correlational techniques to determine which tasks are involved in intellectual ability
factor analysis
the age level at which a person is functioning cognitively
mental age
What is standardization?
the process of developing uniform procedures for administering and scoring a test
the scores and corresponding percentile ranks of a large and representative sample of test takers from the population for which the test is designed
What is a representative sample?
a sample of individuals who match the population with whom they are to be compared, like age
A bell-shaped graphic representation of date, showing which percentage of the population falls under each part of the curve
Normal curve
What is raw score?
the number of correct answers unconverted
A score that expresses an individual's position relative to those of others and based on the mean and how scores are distributed around it
Standard Score
What is percentile score?
a score indicating what % of the test population would obtain a lower score
deviation IQ
standard IQ test score whos mean and standard deviation remain constant for all ages
ability of a test to yield very similar scores for the same individual over repeated testings
ability to measure what it is supposed to measure