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Large boulders that seem out of place in an area.
An erratic. Moved by a glacier.
Rough granular ice in glaciers
Mountain peaks projecting through an ice cap
Small ice sheet.
Ice cap.
The front of a glacier.
Ice front.
Milky white colored water from a glacier
Glacial Milk
A mixture of fine sand and silt from the crushing of rock under a glacier
Rock Flour
Two joined lateral morraines
Medial Morraine
A morraine running along the side of a glacier.
Lateral Morraine
A morraine at the point where the glacier ends.
Terminal Morraine.
Morraines created by a receding glacier
Recessional Morraines.
When a large chunk breaks off into a large water body.
When a film of water forms beneath a glacier to allow sliding.
Basal Sliding
Layers of a glacier slide over each other
Internal Deformation
A sharp wal of rock created by two adjacent cirques.
A semicircular basin formed at the head of a valley glacier.
A peak created by multiple(3+) cirques on the same mountain
Horn(good example is Matterhorn)
A glacial valley that is roughly U-shaped
Tributary(minor) U-Shaped valleys
Hanging Trough
Rivers in Hanging Troughs form?
Hanging trough waterfalls.
All deposits of glacial origin
Unsorted unstratified rock materials deposited directly by the ice.
Deposits made by glacial streams and meltwater.
Long, smooth, canoe-shaped hills made of till.
An area in front of the glacier that is filled with streams and deposits from the streams. Like an alluvial fan.
Outwash plain.
Long, winding ridges formed from deposits on the inside of a glacial stream passage.
Small, cone shaped hills of stratified sand and gravel. Caused when sediments are deposited on top of the glacier.
Bowl shaped holes in a terminal morraine caused by melting chunks of ice