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Accident is defined as
an event occurring by chance or arising from unknown causes
two categories of trauma
father of modern EMS
Deke farrington MD
5 physical forms of energy
Radiation or electrical
A persons ability to control energy depends on what two things
task performance and task demand
energy that is the most common cause of injury
tree common approaches to injury prevention
Enforcement and Engineering
how many people in the US die each year from trauma
MVC account for how many injuries in the US
What are the three phases of the medical care of a trauma patient
Precrash, Crash and Postcrash
what are the trree impacts that occur in most traumas
The impact of two objects
The impact of the Occupants
The impact of the organs
When does the Post crash phase start
When the energy from the crash is absorbed
What are the two componants most important for the EMT to understand in a crash
energy and anatomy
what is kinematics
The process of surveying the scene to determine what injuries might have resulted from the froces and motion involved
Newtons first law of motion
the body at rest will remain at rest and the body in motion will remain in motioni unless acted upon by an outside force
The law of conservation of energy
energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be changed in form
Which factor has the greatest effect on kinetic energy