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Authoritarian parents demonstrate _________ levels of parental control and _______ levels of parental responsiveness.
High; low
Newborns have been observed to show the greatest visual interest in:
The drawing of a human face
Sixteen year old Brenda questions her parents values but does not fully accept her friends standards either. Her confusion about what she really wants and values in life suggest Brenda is struggling with the problem of:
Studies of monkeys raised with artifical mothers suggest that mother infant emotional bonds result primarily from mothers providing infants with:
body contact
Despite there poor memories of early life experiences, 14 month olds are still capable of ___________________ 3 months earlier
imitating actions they observe
Nageeb thought all nurses were young females until a middle-aged male nurse took care of him. Nageebs altered conception of a nurse illustrates the process of
Dementia is most commonly associated with
Alzheimers Disease
According to Erikson, trust is to ________ as identity is to adolescence
Incorporating new information into existing theories
Modifying existing theories in light of new information
Cross sectional research indicated that during early and middle adulthood, aging is associated with
declining levels of intelligence
Longitudinal research indicated that during early and middle adulthood, aging is associated with
increasing levels of intelligence
Identical twins with similar values and preferences are not very strongly attached to one another's fiances. This suggest romantic attraction is influenced by
chance encounters
In a pleasent but unfamiliar setting, infants with a secure maternal attachment are not likely to use their mothers as
a base from which to explore new surroundings
Little Karen will approach and play with unfamilar animals only if her mother first reassures her that it is safe to do so. This best illustrates the adoptive value of
Genes perpetuate:
Memes perpetuate
Human genetic diversity consists of the variations in our
genetic code
People have always responded so positively to Alyssa's good looks that she has developed a socially confidant and outgoing personality. This best illustrates the
interaction of nurture and nature
The unique temperaments of children evoke predictable responses for their caregivers. This best illustrates the
interaction of nurture and nature
Heritability refers to
the extent to which trait differences among individuals are attributable to genetic variations
Compared to environmentally impoverished rats, rats housed in enriched environments experienced a dramatic increase in the number of their
offspring, synapses
A human egg contains what chromosome
A human sperm contains what chromosome
The segment of DNA capable of synthesizing a specific protein
Ten year old Migdalia insists of wearing very feminine looking clothes because she wants to appear ladylike. This best illustrates the impact of
gender roles
Prenatal testosterone secretions exert one of their earliest influences on
Of the four distinct skin senses, specialized receptor cells have been indentified for
Frequency theory creates
Young-Helmholtz theory creates
hue, color
After a small section of his basilir membrane was damaged. Jason experienced a noticeable loss of hearing for high-pitched sounds only. Jason's hearing loss is best explained by
place theory
People who experience blindsight most likely suffered damage to their
visual cortex
Jennifer can tune her guitar more effectively than Maria because Jennifer is better at detecting whether specific strings are playing too sharp too flat. With respect to tone sensitivity Maria has a __________ threhold than does Jennifer
When looking at the hands of a clock signifying 8 o'clock, certain brain cells in the visual cortex are more responsive than if the hands signify 10 o'clock. This is most indicative of
feature detection
Complete sensation in the absence of complete perception is
subliminal stimulation
Plays the biggest role in our feeling dizzy and unbalanced after a thrilling roller coaster ride.
Semicircular canals
According the Young-Helmholtz theory, when both red and green cones are stimulated, a person should see