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In the C-4 cycle, CO2 is fixed to a 3 C molecule called _______
PEP turns CO2 into a 4 C molecule called _______
oxaloacetic acid
What is the enzyme that does the carbon "fixing"?
PEP carboxylase, which is much better than RbBisCo
Oxaloacetate moves deeper into cells called?
bundle sheath cells
What uses the C4 PathwaY?
Corn, Sugarcane, Sorghum, and Savannah Grasses.
How much more effecient is the C4 pathway than the C3 pathway?
CAM is used by?
succulent plants, such as cacti and pineapple
CAM is similiar to C4, but the C3 and C4 is _________
seperated temporally
In CAM, when is C4 used
at night
In CAM, when is C3 used?
during the day, when ATP and NADPH can be made
________ is the amount of Photosynthesis on this planet measured in metric tons of carbon per year
160 billion
________ organisms start all food chains (virtually)
Along with plants, a few ________ do photosynthesis also
Photosynthesizing bacteria is called?
Who said that trees do not get mass from soil?
Jon Baptista van Helmont
Who discovered O2?
Joseph Priestly
Who said that plants would make bad air "good", and burning a candle would make good air "bad"?
Joseph Preistly
Who found that the process of turning good air to bad air and vice versa only happened in sunlight?
Jan Ingen-housz
Who used purple bacteria that used H2S to gain energy?
Corniels Van Niel
Photosynthesis is a ______ type of reaction
NADP+ --> NADPH is a _________ type of reaction
reduction, nitrogen is reduced
How do we trap the energy coming from the sun in the visible spectrum?
Chlorophylls and other pigments photoreceptors - chemicals
All chlorophylls and other pigments photoreceptors are similar because (structure-wise)
have ring structures with at least 1 double bond
The 5 types of cholorophyll?
a b c d e
The most important chlorophylls in normal photosynthesis?
A and B
cholorophyll A has which subgroup?
cholorophyll B has which subgroup?
cholorophyll A and B both absorb ____, ________, and _______ light
violet, blue, and red
Who showed that green plants use specific wavelengths of light more than others
Most plants use a mixture of at least _ chlorophylls because ___________
2, other pigments absorb different wavelengths
What are some human light absorbing pigments?
Retinol and melanin
Vitamin A is a precursor to?
The chloroplast is not a cell, it is a
organelle (hey that rhymed)
Chlorophyll is a _____ bound organelle
phospholipid membrane
Most mesophyll plant cell have __ - __ chloroplasts
40 - 50
What is the green part of plants? Dont say the leaves.
The space inside the thylakoid sac is called the?
thylakoid space
the dense beige liquid surrounding the thylakoids?
Who said that photosynthesis is a two step process?
F.F. Blackman
Which reaction charges up the batteries ATP and NADPH, by doing photolysis on water?
The Light Dependent Reaction, or the light rxn, or the non-cyclic phosphorylation
Which reaction does CO2 fixation, and also makes glucose?
The Light independent Reaction, or the dark rxn, or the Calvin Cycle, or the C-3 Cycle
The Light _________ Rxn uses photosystems
Photosystem I absorbs heavy at
Photosystem II absorbs heavy at
The light dependent reaction happens in the
thylakoid membrane
The light independent reaction happens in the
stroma liquid