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The main energy-trapping molecule in plants is _____.
Energy from sunlight is trapped by chlorophyll located in the _____.
thylakoid membrane
Chlorophyll traps _____ from sunlight.
Energy is released from ATP when the bond is broken between _____.
2 phosphate groups
Organisms need a way of storing energy because _____.
a cell can't always immediately use all the energy it gets
In order to move molecules in your kidneys, your body needs _____.
Kidneys use energy to move molecules and ions in order to keep the blood chemically balanced. This process is an example of cells using energy to _____.
maintain homeostasis
What is the equations for photosynthesis?
6CO2 + 6H2O Æ C6H12O6 + 6O2
Leaves appear green because the green portion of the light that strikes them is _____.
When a phosphate group is added to ADP the cell is able to _____.
store energy
When the bond betweeen two phosphate molecules is broken ________.
energy is released
The energy in glucose cannot be released by _____.
photosynthesis (it makes glucose it does not break it)
Some bacteria that are adapted to live without oxygen combine carbon dioxide and hydrogen to produce _____.