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What tool is used to draw irregular-shaped selection marquees?
What tool is used to select areas of similar color by clicking and dragging in the image window?
Quick Selection tool
When selection color ranges, what value determines how much of the current color range falls into the selection?
What can be used to non-destructively hide certain areas of a layer?
Layer Mask
A lossy compression method that is best used when large file size might be a problem
What can be toggled on to see the feathered areas of a soft-edge mask?
Quickmask Mode
what tool is used to create vector-based shapes and paths?
Pen tool
What controls the shape of a curve between two anchor points?
Handles/direction lines
In RGB mode, a ____ value of each color channel results in black.
The ______ tool can be used to fill areas with solid colors or patterns
Paint Bucket
A ______ is a smooth transition from one color to another.
A _________ is a resolution-independent, vector-based layer that can be filled with a solid color or pattern.
Shape Layer
The _______ command is used to show only areas of one layer that fall within the area of the underlying layer.
Clipping Mask
What are used to store multiple interations of a file at one time, including different visibility and positioning of specific layers in the file?
Layer Comps
The _______ allows you to experiment with different filters and filter settings, and compound multiple filters to create unique artistic effects.
Filter Gallery
What are the three primary colors in the additive color model?
Red, Green, Blue
What are the three primary colors in the subtractive color model?
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
What describes the color characteristics of the device used to capture or create a digital image?
Destination Profile
The ______ menu command can be used to identify areas of potential color shift when an image is converted from one profile to another.
Gamute Warning
_______ is created by simply clicking with the type tool
Point Type
What is the distance from one baseline to the next in a paragraph of type?
The ______ tools can be used to create selections in the shape of individual characters or entire words.
Type Mask
What describes the space between individual type characters?
What cannot be applied to type layers; you must first rasterize a type layer to apply them.
The ________ filter locates pixels that differ in value from surrounding pixels by the threshold you specify
Unsharp Mask
________ is defined as random pixels that stand out from the surrounding pixels.
the ________ blends colors from user-defined source pixels with colors in the area where you click.
Spot Healing Brush
The _______ paints one part of an image over another part, which is useful for duplicating specific objects or removing defects in an image.
Clone Stamp
What are direct sources of light such as a light bulb or reflected sunlight on water?
Specular Highlights
A ______ is a visual depiction of the distribution of colors in an image.
What is defined according to a color's position on a color wheel, beginning from red and traveling counterclockwise around the wheel?
________ refers to the color's difference from neutral gray.
_______ is the amount of white or black added to the pure color
What dialog box can be used to change the resolution of an image without affecting its physical size?
Image Size
The _____ command can be used to share color swatches between Photoshop and other Creative Suite applications.
Save Swatches for exchange
the ______ tool is used to fill areas with a solid color or pattern by clicking the area you want to fill.
Paint Bucket
What is the percentage of a brush's diameter that is completely opaque?
The _____ brush mode option is useful for filling gaps left by other painting methods.