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What does SLR signify? Explain.
It means single-lens reflex. It refers to a focusing system that requires you to focus using the focusing ring.
What is parallax error?
Parallax error is when you do not see something that is in the picture, like a chopped off head or a camera strap. This is because the viewfinder does not show what is through the lens.
In what type of 35mm camera does one find parallax error?
In a camera with a viewfinder or more than one lens.
Where is the viewfinder?
On the back of the camera, above the lens.
Where is the focusing ring?
At the end of the lens, it has a grid on it so you can identify it.
How does one identify the focusing ring?
There is a grid on it.
What are the two sets of numbers on the focusing ring?
Feet and meters. This is because some countries use feet and some use meters.
What does the symbol (eight on its side) represent?
What is a disadvantage of autofocus?
It may focus on something you don't want to focus on, like something in the foreground.
What is the definition of aperture?
It is the opening through which light passes to expose your film.
What are the numbers on the aperture ring?
f stops.
What is the standard progression of f stops?
2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22
What is the maximum aperture? Why is it called that?
2, because that it when the hole is largest.
What is the smallest f stop?
What is the ratio between f stops?
What is depth of field?
The area in your subject that is in sharp focus.
What aperture gives the least DOF?
2, because the larger the aperture, the less DOF.
What aperture gives the most DOF?
22, because the smaller the aperture the larger the depth of field.
What does E = A + SS mean?
It means Exposure = aperture + shutter speed - Aperture and shutter speed are the two main things that affect the exposure of the film.
What is it called when you give the film too much light?
What is it called when you give the film to little light?
What is the definition of a shutter?
A shutter is a mechanism in a camera that controls the amount of time your camera sees light.
What does "B" signify? Explain.
B signifies bulb, and it means that you can hold down the shutter for as long as you want.
What is the standard progression of shutter speeds?
B, 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30, 60, 125, 250, 500, 1000
What speed freezes normal motion?
What do you need if you shoot at a speed slower than 1/125?
A flash or a tripod.
What is ASA/ISO?
American Standards Association/International Standards Organization
What does ASA/ISO refer to?
The number on the film/speed of the film.
What is a normal speed? Fast? Slow?
200 - normal, higher - fast, lower - slow
Where is the DX coding?
On the edge of the film.
What is the definition of a meter?
A meter is a battery operated mechanism in a camera that measures the amount of light reflected off of your subject.
What are the steps to a basic meter reading?
1. Set ISO/ASA properly
2. Select shutter speed
3. (if you need to) Turn on your meter
4. Look through your viewfinder and focus on your subject
5. Looking at your subject, set the aperture corresponding to the meter
6. Take picture
What is opening up?
When you make the aperture larger.
What is stopping down?
When you make the aperture hole smaller.
What are the holes on the film called?
Sprocket holes
What is the large number on the film canister?
It is the ISO/ASA, or the speed of the film.
What is the shutter speed on most automatic cameras?
How can you take out film and still finish the roll later?
You can rewind the film and take it out, and then later you can put it back in, then with your lenscap you can take photos until you get to the picture after the last one you took, and keep taking pictures.
Because of the equal ratio between shutter speeds and apertures, one can change one and then change the other. What kind of a relationship is this?
A reciprocity.
What does TTL mean?
It means through the lens, and it refers to a camera where what you see when you look through the viewfinder is through the lens.
Where is the aperture ring?
Closest to the camera.
What is DX?
DX is the magnetic info on the film that tells what ASA/ISO is used so you don't have to set it.
What two things are necessary to do to rewind a manual camera?
You depress the rewind button and pull the rewind lever.
Which speed is the synch speed?
It is the speed where ther flash will go off at the correst time so that your entire picture will come out. You know which one it is because it is different from the other shutter speeds. (i.e. a different color)
Where is the head?
At the top of the camera.