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what is illustrative photography?
its suggests, clarfiies, or explains something and it is controlled photography
why are clip files handy to have in a studio?
if you need an idea you can use them for inspiration
why is the accent light often called the hair light in studio work?
it creates a highlight on the subjects hair and separates it form the background
give an example of when a professional might want to use hard lighting
to create a rugged look
how should a photographer handle a subject wearing glasses?
make sure the glasses are against the bridge of the nose with the mainlight lowered so the frame doesnt cast a shadow
what is broad light and when is it used?
aimed at the side of your face toward the camera and used when your subject has a narrow face
what is main lighting?
short ligthing used when your subject has a normal width or wide faceits
why is food hard to photograph?
it has to be prepared and presented perfectly since you cant smell or taste it you have to show it as best as you can
why are liquids diffictult and how can you help make them better in a photo?
they look boring unless you use a prop like icecubes or a straw
list 6 studio tips:
1.have the scene and camera position set before you try to set lighting
2.keep ligthing simple
3.crop the camera
4.use a tripod
5.use a slow-speed film
6.use care in choosing background material
why is photography called light writing?
you use light to your advantage in creating good pictures...its like writing a story but instead of using a pen you use light
why is photojournalism compared to hunting?
youre looking for a picture that is already there
how does studio photography differ from photo journalism?
studio photography: complete control over every detail; photojournalism: you have to think fast, have good timing, and work with what you have
two types of lighting used in studio work
flood lights and flash units
primary equipment in a studio?
lighting instrument and its accessories
what are disadvantages to flood lights and flash units?
flood lights: generate a lot of heat and arent as bright as flash units; flash units: hard for beginers to estimate the results
what is the standard pose for a formal portrait?
subject on stool sitting straight up, three quater angle to the camera, head perpendicular to the shoulders, eyes parallel with the shoulders, look straight ahead with one ear showing
how do professional studio photographers use instant cameras?
to take exposure tests
why do most professionals use soft lighting?
minor mistakes are less noticable