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angle of view
amount of area coverage effected by lens or light meter
opening in which light enters a lens
old film rating number (American National Standards Institue)
Bracket Exposure
Makaking one or more exposures of both sides of the exposure (ensures success)
Bulk Loading
Using film from a large roll and placing it into reusable film magazines in 20 and 36 exposure frame lengths
Chemical Concentrate
a chemical thats dilluted with water to work as a working solution
Pleasing selection and arrangement of the elements within a picture
Contact Print
prints made by placing negative and print paper in contact and making the exposure
COntinuous- Tone Film
Film capable of recording many tones of gray from very dark-very light
converging lens
lenses that cause refracted light to move toward a single point
a surgace of a lens thats arched/bulged up
concave lens
a surface of a lens thats hollowed inward
removal of unwanted and distracting elements from the picture
Depth of Field
thie distance between the nearest and furthes points that are in acceptable focus
chemical solution that reduces exposed silver hallide crystals to black metalic silver
causes latent image to appear
Diverging Lens
lenses that cause refracted light to spread to many points
device used to hold photographic paper in position while being exposed to light wih an enlarger
light-sensitive layer of photographic film and paper
mixture of silver halide crystals suspended in gelatin
equiptment thats used to project images on to light sensitive paper to make prints
Fiber Based
Refers to photographic paper in which light sensitive emulstion is applied o a base sheet made of cellulse wood fiber
Film Cartridge
Light tight container that packs film in cameras
use 110 or 126 size film
Film Cartridge
light tight container used to pack film into camera
110 or 126 size film
Film Contrast
Visual Difference in density of light and dark areas on pictures
Film Grain
clumps of developed silver halide crystals that form ithin the image area of photographic film
Film Speed
Relative sensitivity of photographic film to light
Chemical Solution made of sodium thiosulfate or ammonium thiosulfate, dissolves unexposed and undeveloped silver halides in film and paper
Flat Lens
Surface of lens thats flat
Focal Point/Plane
camera surface on which the focused image passing through the lens forms a sharp image
f-stop number
specific number setting/size adjustment of the iris diaphram within a photographic lens
lighter image areas of a photographic print
Part of eye that adjust to control amount of light that enters
determined to the aperature of a camera lens
The Current international film spped rating system (International Standards Organization)
Piece of optical glass/plastic ground is molded to a specific shape for the purpose of focusing images on the film plane
Light Meter
instrument designed to measure amount of light falling on or reflected from a subject from subject
Info determines apperatrue/ shutter settings
Metering System
Its the electronic light measuring system thats part of most adjustable and nonadjustable cameras
Negative Carrier
Its a device that holds the negative in place during exposure
Keeping camera synchronized with a moving object while squeezing shutter release to take the picture
art and process of recording images on light sensitive film paper
portion of an eye that focuses the reflected light into a sharp image
Likened to the lens of a camera
Its the bending of light leaves as they pass from one medium sucha s air into another such as the glass of a photographic lens
Resin Coated
Refers to the photographic paper in which the cellulos (wood) fiber loase is made resistant to liquids by applicatin of the transparent plastic coatings
Portion of eye that records images and causes vision
Likened to film used in a camera
Silver Halides
Light sensitive particles/crystals that make up a photographic film and paper emulstion
contains silver, bromine, chlorine/iodine
Stock Solutino
Dillute chemical with water fefore use
Visible Grain
Grain clumps of developed silver halide crystals that can be seen on an enlarged photographic pring by naked eye
Working Solution
Chemical solution, thats ready to be used.
May be dilluted with water
Zoom Lens
A lens with several moveable elements that makes it capable of many focal lenghts within its limits