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arrangement of the elements or objects on the picture plane in such a way that the photo has strong visual impact
Picture Plane
the two dimensional surface, on which the photograph is placed
Center of intrest (coi)
refers to the dominant element or object in the photoraph. the coi should be the main area of visual attraction in your picture. make sure other elements are not distracting and do not create conflicts of intrest for the viewer
elements should seem to belong together so that each contributes something to the whole. there should be a flowing feeling with in your photograph, as if all the elements fit together
an equilibrium of simular opposing or contrasting elements that together create unity
Symmetrical Balance
if you were to equally divide a photo with a vertical line there is a mirror like image on both sides of the line
asymmetrical balance
a vertical line down the center of a photograph does not shoe mirror images on both sides of the line. instead the elements on each side of the line are notably different in size, shape, value,(light, dark) and placement, and yet the photograph is balaced.
Light and Dark. the gradation of light and dark on the surface of the object in your photograph, the degree of lightness or darkness of greys as well as a pure white and a pure black