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Find 5 words that have 2 syllables.
ex: stu-dent, pa-per
Find a homonym for 2 of the words in your story.
ex: (one - won)(bear - bare)
Write 3 words from you story that have a double consonant.
ex: little, funny, happy
List 5 words that have a silent "e" in your story.
ex: like, tire
Find a 3 syllable word in your story. Use a ditionary to divide it into syllables and to mark the accent.
use dictionary
Find a word in your story that makes a new word by spelling it backwords.
ex: was-saw rat-tar top-pot
Find 3 compound words in your story.
ex: inside, snowman, cowboy
Find 4 words that have a short "a" sound.
ex: hat, apple, man
Write 4 words from your story that begins with any consonant letter between j and n.
ex: jam, kick
Find 5 long vowel words. try to have one for long "a", "e", "i", "o", and
ex: gave, beside, like, old, use.
Write 3 words that have a silent consonant in them from your story.
ex: whistle, knife
Find a word in your story and write another word you think rhymes with it.
ex: (sick, kick) (cake, lake)
Write 4 words from your story that have a double vowel in it.
ex: book, speed
Find 2 contractions in your story.
ex: aren't, haven't, I'll
Alphabetize all the words in the last sentence of your story.
write in abc order.
Find three words and write their opposites.
ex: big=little slow=fast
Find 6 words with consonant blends in your story.
ex: bl cr fl fr sm br cl pr scr th

*they can be in the beginning or end of the word.
Find 3 words that end with the letter "t" in your story.
ex: skirt, let, cent