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What is a spectrogram?
Frequency over time

They provide:
1. Frequency
2. Time/duration
3. Intensity (darker bands)
4. Disturbances (actual bands- we ID "typical" disturbances from "atypical")
Spectrogram vs Spectrum

Spectrums- is a SINGLE point in time and are good for displaying harmonics
What is the most commonly used spectrogram?
Wideband spectrogram

Emphasize the peaking of resonances that occurs within the phonotory pathways; The duration component captures the "timing" of changes within the vocal tract
What spectrogram would we use for analysis of intonation patterns?
What are the "white-ish" striations within the Wideband spectrogram?
1. Pauses
2. Stops
3. Closed phase of VFV
What "filter" is generally associated w/ the source filter representation of speech, acoustics quantities?
Formant Frequencies
Fix: The higher/lower the vowel the higher/lower placement of F1.
The higher the vowel the lower placement of F1. (tongue placement)

The lower the vowel the higher placement of F1.
What does F0 stand for?
F0= fundamental frequencies
What would the absolute INTENSITY of a sound be if it was doubled?
3 dB
What would the absolute PRESSURE of a sound be if it was doubled?
6 dB
What is fundamental frequency?
f 0- The lowest frequency of vibration in a complex wave

Twice the f 0 is called the second harmonic = f 2