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Allen test
performed to ascertain collateral blood flow to the hand prior to performing radial ABG's
Arterial Blood Gases
evaluation of arterial blood to provide valuable infromation about a patients oxygenation, ventialation, and acid-base balance which needed for the diagnoisis and management of respiratory disease
involuntary contraction of an artery
branchial artery
main artery of hte arm medial anterior aspect of the antecubital fossa near bicep muscle
collateral circulation
process that allows tissue to be supplied with blood from an accessory vessel
femoral artery
major systemic artery located superficially in the groin, lateral to the pubis bone
radial artery
artery located on the thrumb side of the wrist 1st choice for arterial puncture
steady state
stable condition no exercise, suctionin or respiratory changes for 30 minutes befreo obtaining blood gases
thrombus formation
blood clot in a blood vessel