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Substance added to a blood collection tube other than a tube coating or stopper.
Prevents blood from clotting.
Antiglycolytic agent.
Prevents the metabolism of glucose.
Inhibit the growth of bacteria.
Slanted end of a needle.
Butterfly needle.
Winged infusion set.
Clot activator.
Substance that enhances clotting of blood.
Citrate Phosphate Dextrose. (CPD)
Additive used for donor collections.
Kill bacteria.
Evacuated tube.
Blood collection tube with a premeasured vaccuum.
Number related to the diameter of a needle.
Breakdown or metabolism of glucose.
End of a needle that attaches to a blood collection devise.
Hypodermic needle.
Type of needle tht is used with a syringe.
Internal space of a needle or vein.
Multisample needle.
Double-point needle used with the evaculated tube system.
Order of draw.
Sequence of tube collection in a multi-tube draw.
Plasma Separator Tube. (PST)
Heparinized tube containing a gel separator.
Long cylindrical portion of a needle.
Sharps Container.
Special container used to dispose of needles and other sharp objects.
Serum Separator Tube. (SST)
Tube containing a gel separator and silica to activate clotting.
Dark Green.
No additive.
Red. (glass tube)
Potassium oxalate.
Gold or mottled red and gray.
Sodium citrate.
Light Blue
Sodium Fluoride
Thixotropic gel
Gold or mottled red and gray.
What are some example of disinfectants:
Corrosive chemical compounds, used on surfaces and instruments, and used to kill pathogenic microoganisms.
A solution used to clean the site before routine venipuncture is:
70% isopropyl alcohol.
What is typically used to clean the site when collecting blood culture specimens?
Povidone Iodine.
What is the best solution to use to clean up blood spills?
1:10 sodium hypochlorite.
Why are gauze pads a better choice than cotton balls for covering the site and holding pressure following venipuncture?
Cotton ball fibers tend to stick to the site.
What can be used on infants younger than 2 years of age:
Evacuated tubes, Isopropyl alcohol, and tourniquets.
What is a required characteristic of a sharps container?
Leak-proof and puncture-resistant, locking lid, and marked with a biohazard symbol.
When a disposable latex tourniquet becomes soiled with blood, it is best to:
Thrown it away.
Wearing gloves during phlebotomy procedures is mandated by the:
Occupational Safety and Health Administation. (OSHA)
What criterion do you use to decide which needle gauge to use for venipuncture:
Size and condition of the vein.
To what does the "gauge" of a needle relate?
Which needle gauge has the largenst bore?
Multisample needles are typicallly available in these gauges.
The slanted tip of a needle is called the:
The purpose of the rubber sleeve that covers the tube end of a nultiple-sample needle is to:
Prevent leakage of blood during tube changes.
A phlebotomy needle that does not have a safety feature:
Must be using with a tube holder that has a safety feature.
What criterion do you use to decide what size tubes to use for ETS blood collection?
Age of the patient, amount of blood needed for the test, and size and condition of the patient's vein.
Evacuated tubes are coated with silicon to:
Keep blood from clinging to the sides of the tube.
What stopper colors designates a tube used for coagulation testing?
Light Blue.
What tubes will yield a serum specimen?
Red top.
This test requires prepraration of a blood film on a glass slide.
Manual Differential.
What tube stopper colors indicate the presence (or absence)and type of additive in the tube:
Green, lavender, and light blue.
Heparin prevents blood from clotting by:
Inhibiting thrombin.
What department would most likely perform the test on a specimen collected in a sodium polyanethol sulfonate (SPS) tube?
A royal blue top with green color-coding on the label contains:
What substances interfere with the action of calcium in the clotting process:
EDTA, Potassium Oxalate, and Sodium Citrate.
It is important to fill oxalate tubes to the stated fill capacity because excess oxalate:
Causes Hemolysis.
What substances is contained in a serum separator tube?
Thixotropic Gel.
What is the purpose of an antiglycolytic agent?
Preserve Glucose.
Glass particles present in serum separator tubes:
Accelerate clotting.
What is the best tube for collecting an ethanol (ETOH)specimen?
Gray top.
Identify the tubes needed to collect a complete blood count (CBC), partial thromboplastin time (PTT), and STAT potassium by color and in the proper order of collection for a multi-tube draw.
Light blue top, green top, and lavender top.
During venipunture the tourniquet should not be left on longer than:
1 minute.
What tubes is filled first when multiple tubes are filled from a syringe?
A blood culture tube.
This test is collected in a light blue tube.
Prothrombin Time.
What STAT tests is typically collected in a lithium heparin tube?
This tube stopper indicates that the tube contains EDTA.
What anticolagulant is contained in a serum separator tube?
There is no anticoagulant in a serum separator tube.
The purpose of sodium citrate in specimen collection is to:
Protect coagulation factors.
The part of a syringe that shows measurements in cc or mL is called the:
The part of the evacuated tube holder that is meant to aid in smooth tube removal.
The best choice of equipment for drawing difficult veins is:
Butterfly and evacuated tube holder.
Mixing equipment from different manufacturers cna result in:
Improper needle fit, needle coming unscrewed, and tubes popping off.
You are most likely to increase the chance of hemolyzing a specimen if you use a:
25-gauge butterfly needle to collect a specimen from a child.
The purpose of a tourniquet in the venipuncture procedure is to:
Enlarge veins so they are easier to find and enter.
If a blood pressure cuff is used for venipuncture in place of a tourniquet, the pressure used must be:
Below the patient's diastolic pressure.
An anticoagulant:
Binds calcium or inhibits thrombin, keeps the blood from clotting, and prevents coagulation.
What qualities are required for needle safety devices:
Allow the user's hand to remain behind the needle at all times, create a barrier between the hands of the user an the needle after use, and one handed activation.
An EDTA tube that contains gel separator is called a(n):
Plasma Preparation Tube. (PPT)
What additive contains a substance that inhibits phagocytosis of bacteria by white blood cells?
Sodium Polyanethol Sulfonate. (SPS)
What type of test is most affected by tissue thromboplastin contamination?
What tests would be most affected by carryover of K2EDTA?
What microcollection containers should be filled first if collected by skin puncture?
Lavender stopper.
The intent of the alternate syringe order of draw is to:
Minimize microclot formation in anticoagulant tubes.
A pink top tubes containing EDTA is primarily used for:
Blood bank tests.
A blood smear made from blood collected in a container with a lavender stopper should be prepared within:
1 hour of specimen collection.
What Becton Dickinson (BD) tube contains a clot activation?
Plastic Red Top.