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What Lab uses Red Top Tubes?
Blood Bank
What tests are used in te blood bank?
Blood Bank (clot),Red 10cc (clot tube),HIV (aids virus),Heptitis A,B, & C
Red Stopper Tubes are used for?
Acid phoshatase,Alkaline Phosatase,Amylase,Cortisol,Digoxin,Creating,BUN,Tyroid Indices, Cholestrol,Bilirubin,Lithium,Magnesium,Procainamide,Osmolality,Iron Binding (liver functing test), SGOT, SGPT,(sep 26902),Uric Acid,Triglycerides,Lead,Theophylline Level, Salicylate, T3 Uptake,Al Liver Functions, Potassum,Gentamicin,Vancomcyin,Cycosporine
Ammonia Plasma uses what color stopper tube?
Green stopper on ice
Glucose testing uses what color stopper tube?
Grey Stopper
The lab for testing glucose is?
Ammonia Plasma is tested in which Lab?
Gentamicin, Tobramycin, Vancomycin, Cycosporine are what?
Hematology Lab uses what color Stopper tube?
Lavendar Stopper
What test are performed in the hematology lab?
CBC (complete blood count),Platelet count,hemacrit, reticulocyte,WBC (white blood count), RBC (red blood count), Hemoglobin, Sed Rate (ESR),Differental (Diff), Vitamin B12
Hematology Coagulation uses which color stopper?
Blue stopper on Ice
Which test are performed in the Hematology Coagulation lab?
Prothrombin(PT),Partial Thromboplastin(PTT,Fibrinogen.
Special Hematology lab uses which type of tube?
1 Red
The test performed in the special hematology lab are?
Serum Floate, Vitamin B12
Immunity-Micro-Serology, Virology Lab uses what color tube and the test are?
red stopper, (cold agglutining 2 red stopper 10cc warm water,Carcinoembryonic antigen(CeA),VDRL,FTA-ABS,Heterophille Antibody, Alpha Fetoglobulin (FTA),Ferritin,Antinuclear Antibodies(ANA), Rubella Titler, Lyme Titler.
Red Stoppers have
Pink Stoppers have
No Additives
Spray-dried K2EDTA
Lavendar Stoppers have
Green Stoppers have
Sodium or Lithium Heparin
Blue Stoppers have
Buffered Sodium Citrate
Black Stoppers have
Gray Stoppers have
Buffered Sodium Citrate
Sodium Chloride