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If the premise provides totally conclusive support for the conclusion..
then the conlcusion cannot be false
It is possible for the premisses of an argument to be true, and the conclusion
An argument where premise provides totally conclusive support for the conclusion is said to be
true and valid
even if the argument is good, and the premises are true, but the conclusion could still possibly be false...then
the argument is invalid
if the premises are true..the conlcusion has to be
An argument can be false and still be
What is a sound argument?
An argument that has true premises and is valid
an argument with a false conclusion must be either...
invalid or have at least one false premise
"Water is wet" is _________True.
statements that are not analytic are said to be
Platanic Forms are ________
ideas, which have a perfect parellel in another world (i.e. traingles)
According to plato, knowledge comes by way of
Aristotle believed that movement and time both
never began, and never will end, for it is continuous
4 kinds of Causes
Aristotle believed that there are 4 things that cause something to cause into being
Cause 1
Material: substance, what something is made out of