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Philosophical science
a systematic approach to answering the great questions of life, which can't be answered by
a. Math
b. empirical method of experiment

But only by following the laws of logic based on experience, not following authority
Philosophical psychology
philosophy of human nature's former name; studying the soul
normal behavior in nazi camp
abnormal behavior in abnormal circumstances; shock, apathy
Fundamental drive as regarded by Logotherapy
man's search for meaning
3rd School of Viennese Psychotherapy
Logos = meaning = the word
logic = with words and meaning; rationality.
Will to Pleasure
Freudian psychoanalytic principle of what drives man's life
Will to Power
Adlerian psychoanalytic theory of what drives man's life. Seen in individuals with a lack of confidence; eventually leads to normal reactions in abnormal situations, such as Hitler
The view that man is without freedom; criticized by Frankl; man has freedom to choose his reactions to life.
3 types of meaning defined by Frankl
1. Creating a work or doing a deed
2. Experiencing something/encountering someone
3. Attitude toward an unavoidable suffering.
Logotherapy in a nutshell
The most fundamental drive is the will to meaning (especially during unavoidable suffering). Meaning must be found on an individual basis.
Will to Meaning
man's search for meaning, which is the primary motivation of his life, and can only be fulfilled by him alone.