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a mistake in reasoning of supposing evidence has been presented in support of an assertion when some form of non evidential persuasion has been used instead.
premises indicator words
for, since, because, for the reason that
conclusion indicator words
hence, thus, thereforce, and so, it follows that, for that reason
statistical generalization
a sentence that states that some proportion of the members of one class are members of another class (most..are; most... are not; x percent)
universal generalization
a sentence that states that all or none of the members of one class are members of another class. (all..are;none/no...are
the set of objects to which a term refers
implicit definition
a form of definition in which terms are defined by showing how they are used in a given situation or situations. synonyms
the set of all and only those properties a thing must possess for the term to apply to it
intensional definition
stating the peops a thing must possess for the term to apply to it. they are ALL VERBAL
lexical definition
to present the accepted standard use of a term
stipulative definition
to introduce a new term into the language
persuasive defintion
to express or evoke an attitude, such as approval or disapproval toward things referred to by the term
theoretical definition
to construct a theory. these definitions may by explicit in which c ase the terms are defined by giving synnymous expressions formulated in the vocab of the theory, or implicit in which case terms are defined according to their use in the laws or generalizations of the theory
operation def
specifies a publicly observed and repeatable operation with a specidieed outcome that determines whether a sentence containing the expression is correctly applicable to a given situation
ostensive def (non verbal extensional definition)
non verbal form of definition in which pointing or some other way of indicating the extension of a term is used to give the meaning of the term
syntactic def/grammatical
thterms without an intension or extension are sometimes defined b y indicating their syntactic or grammatical role in a language. are often supple,enmted by presenting a contect in which the term occurs
verbal extensional def
defining a term by listing or naming members of its extension.