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What ought to be ( Action Guiding)
Psychological Egoism
Not a Moral Theory - Psychological theory- Says that people always act on their own self interist and cannot do otherwise.
An act is right only if it produces the most good for the most people
Rule Utilitarianism
An act is right if it follows a rule that is part of a set of rules that if everyone followed would result in more good than any available alternative.
Cultural Ethical Relativism
(Conventionalism or Conventional Ethical relativism)No universally valid moral priciples and right and wrong are determined by the culture.
No universal moral principles right and wrong for the individual are determined by the individual.
The whole domain of morality, and moral philosophy
Ethical Egoism
The idea that it is morally right to always seek ones own self interest
Natural Law
Humans have a rational nature (given by God). These laws are universal, unchanging, and not overridable
Intrinsic Good
Good because of their nature, they are not derived from other goods (Simple Joys)
Instrumental Goods
An effective means of attaining our intrinsic goods. (Mking medicine and making money)
Combination Goods
Good in themselves and good as a means to further goods.(knowlege, Sight & Health)
Act Utilitarianism
An act is right if and only if it results in as much good as any available alternative.
The belief that we have an obligation to care for others in our community, especially when they cannot care for themselves
Neither required or obligatory , but they exceed what morality requires. Going beyond the call of duty.
The tehory that we can and should sometimes act in favor of others interests
Purpose of Morality
To keep society from falling apart
Moderate Objectivism
Belives that there are Universal moral principles, but some can be overridden by other moral principles.
Belives that there are universal moral principles that cannot be overridden no matter what the situation
Doctrine of Double effect
Purpose is to check if an action is morally permissible by meeting certain criteria.
Economist Arguement For Ethical Egoism
Individual self interest in a competitive market causes ohers to produce a better product leading to the best overall situation for everyone not just own self.
Publicity Argument against Ethical Egoism
In order to be a moral theory principles must be universal which is inconsitent with the definition of Ethical Egoism.
Difference Between A subjectivist & an Objectivist
A subjectivist believes that there are no moral values, right & wron are determined by the individual.Th objectivist believes that moral principles are universal, but can be overridden by other moral principles, depending on the circumstances.0
Ayn Rand Views on Altruism
Ayn Rand believed that altruism erodes mans capacity to grasp the vaue of an individual life. And that the self - denial would eventually lead to self destruction.