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-Noumena vs. Phenomena
World-in-itslef vs. world as it appears to be
-Mind contributes categories/rules/principles so that we can experience the world
-object provides content
-noumena: logical necessity
-phenomena: human creation
-transcendental idealism: mind provides form, object provides content
-religious moderation and tolerance
-innate idea of perfection
-Idea comes from sense perception
-We understand a positive idea through experience, and a negative idea is something that we can only understand what it is not.
-inductive logic (general to particular), deductive logic (particular to general)
-primary qualities of a substance- solidity
- we can infer there is a world out there.
-What is real is only what is real in the mind
Sujective idealism/immaterialism- all things exist in a thinking subject as an idea
-"To be is to be perceived."
-Existence of a given object can only be known if an donly if it is percieved by a thinking subject.
-Ther eis only one substance in the world- mind/idea/spirit/soul
-2 kinds of things: real thing (law of nature, not dependent on will) and image of thing (copy of real thing, dependent on will)
-God makes sure we all have the same pattern of experience.
-Best of all possible world
-We are all monads
-God placed a harmony within mondads so that we all experience things the same way
-Apolitical, close relationships with nature
-Dao= deep and mysterious process informing all of life.
-Dao- way or path
-Dao is one but also many.
-Correlative metaphysics
-Yin-yang symbol: stresses virtue of harmony and sense of balance
-Dao is the world and also of the world
-Everything is in a constant flux of change.
-Challenges are our overconfidence in our rational capacity in search of truth.
-Empiricist- the source of knowledge comes from experiences
-Realist- the world is real and exists external/independent to us