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Music is part of a system of art but it is not representative. Sound music exists, while taste/smell music does not because of the nature of our eyes. Music can evoke "sad feelings" sometimes but it is not "sad," and it won't cry. Absolute music is not representational. Contour Theory: "Sonic Shape" evokes lines.
When you look at a photo, you are literally "seeing" the contents of the photo.
The photograph is not 40 feet high but the building is, therefore you are not seeing the building. It is a representation--an abstraction. It is not the same experience as seeing it.
Movies fit like a lock and key. Movies, as opposed to films, are popular because they are erotetic (question answer), representational, relatable. Variable Framing.
Variable Framing
Zooming a camera without the motion of the zoom. Helps focus the viewer.
The "is" of artistic identification. Olderburg's beds are beds with paint on them, but they are paint-beds. They are complex things, and like them, art is not deducible. Indescernible counterparts (newtons laws)
Music is better when it is absolute or instrumental. Music is like an audible kaleidoscope, but it is creative in spirit.
Abandon efforts to give a comprehensive definition of art. It has no set of necessary or sufficient properties. It is an open concept. Things that are art are like other artworks (family resemblance/wittgensteinian)
Artwork provokes aesthetic emotion, through significant form
Art is only successful when it communicates a specific emotion from the artist to viewer.
Art is meant to express emotion.
To view art, one must assume a psychical distance and view it with no pretexts.
There is no such thing as a mental state, Bullough is a fuckhead. However, you should try to keep an open mind.
Indescernible Counterparts
Why is one thing art while what it represents is not? Brillo Boxes, for instance. Also, see Danto's Newtons Laws example.
Onthology of Art
Art is an abstract concept that cannot be defined.