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the argument that william paley develops is well known version of
NOT cosmotoligical argument
how the existence explains world and order.. .the world correlates w/...
swinburne who is orthodox christian
believes in god but also accepts evolution
swinburne says its extra ordinary that there should exist anythinga tall.. leads to
sosmotological arg.
how the existence of god explains the world and its order.. its order ..
teleological arg.
the inanimate explanation of a particular event in terms..
NOT BOth b c
the two kinds of causation
both b and c
simplicity in scientific explanations
both b and c
the 2 kinds of explanation
inanimate explanation and person explanation
the word "theory" when used in scientific
BOTH a and c
how many explanations are there for anything?
NOT one of swinburnes criteria 4 evaluation explanation
is has been accepted by scientists in the field.