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Kant 3 questions
what can i know?
what should i do?
for what may i hope?
know, do, hope
what can i know?
metaphisical and epistemological questions
what is there?
How do i know it?
what should i do?
ethical and political questions
what is justice?
do i have a duty to follow the law?
for what may i hope?
theological and historical questions
how are virtue and happiness related
simple subjectivism
all statements are merely expressions of individual approval or disapproval. reports about oneself and nothing more
no right and wrong just opinions
2 arguments against simple subjectivism
gives no explanation of disagreements

implies everyone is right
doesnt give morality factor
proof in ethics
student and the unfair exam
jones is a bad man
proof in science
quantum mechanic and relativity
conflicting becasue does that mean one is wrong?
ethical egoism
pursue own intest others arent relevant
everyone (ought 2)
contrast with commonsense that say we should take others in to account
psychological egoism
everyone does act out of self interest
Does act
support for psychological egoism
save people becasue that what u want to do act on own desire
save a drowning baby cause i want to
we do what makes us feel good(argument)
we may not want to do something but we do it anyway
abraham lincoln
saved pigs for peace of mind but that doesnt mean becasue he did it for a selfish reason it wasn't altruistic
raoal wallenburg
do what we most want(PE) went to hungry to save people, motivated by desire
ethical egoism

first statement is fact 2nd is an expression

avoids right a wrong not true o false