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Gu fìor?
'S e'n fhirinn a th'agaibh
That's right
(it's the truth you have)
gu dearbh
sin mar a tha e!
that's the way it is!
X ann no às
X or no X
a bheil?
is it?

(also am I? are you? is he/she? are we/you/they?)
nach eil?
isn't it?
(also am I not? aren't you? isn't he/she? aren't we/you/they?)
an robh?
was it?
(also was I/he/she?
were we/you/they?)
nach robh?
wasn't it?

(also wasn't I/he/she?
weren't we/you/they?)
am bi?
Will it (be)?

(also will I/he/she/we/you/they (be)?)
nach bi?
Won't it (be)?

(also won't I/he/she/we/you/they (be)?)
'S math sin!
That's great!
co-dhiubh's co-dheth
anyhoo, WHATever etc
yes or agreement, where no direct question has been asked
seagh seagh
emphatic agreement or encouragement to speaker, where no direct question has been asked
chan ioghnadh sin
that's no surprise, no wonder
siud agaibh e, ma-tha!
there you are, then!
ma-tha / ma-tà
then, in that case
ceart ma-tha
right, then
mar as abhaist
as usual
nach sibhse tha fòrtanach
Aren't you the lucky one
chan fhaca mi riamh a leithid
I never saw the like
am faca tu a leithid?
Did you ever see the like?
obh obh!
oh dear! / uh-oh, oops
mo chreach!
oh dear!

(my ruin!)
Wow! Gosh!

chan eil me ga chreidsinn!
I don't believe it!
cha bhith sibh ga chreidsinn riamh
you'll never believe it
abair là!
what a day!
Abair sin!
What about that?
Abair trafaig!
What traffic!
Siud e!
There it goes!
Dìreach mar sin
Just like that
'S fhada bho'n dà là
Long time, no see

(it's long since the two days)
Saoghal beag
Small world
Dè tha dol?
What's happening? What's up?
Chan eil mòran
Nothing much / not a lot
'S bochd sin
That's a pity
Nach mise tha gòrach!
Silly me!
O Dhia!
Oh God!

(use with care - offensive to some)
Cò aig tha fios?
Who knows?
Ud ud!
Nonsense! Get away with you!
Tha sin nas fheàrr
That's better
Tha thu a' tarraing às
You're kidding
's mar sin air adhart
and so on, etcetera rudeigin...
...or something... cuideigin...
...or someone...
a bheil fhios ad?
Do you know?

('eiliosad - y'know)
Sin am beatha
That's life
Chan eil fhios 'am
I don't know / Dunno
rud mar sin
something like that
tha mi coma (co-dhiù)
I don't mind (anyway) OR
I don't care (anyway)
Na can sin!
Don't say that!
Na canaibh sin!
Don't say that! (Polite form)
'eil sibh cinnteach?
Are you sure?
Chan eil mi cinnteach
I'm not sure
'S cinnteach sin
That's for sure
I wonder...
Chan eil e gu diofar
It doesn't matter
Cha leig thu leis
Don't bother / you don't have to
'S docha
'S docha gu bheil / nach eil
It probably is / isn't
Seo dhuit
Here you are
Dè th'ann
What is it?
An air' ort!
Look out!
Fuirich mionaid
Wait a minute
Biodh sin mar a thogras e ...
Be that as it may...
Tha thu a' tarraing às
You're kidding