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when a substance condenses (gas to liquid) _____________
heat of vaporization is given off
when a substance melts (solid to liquid) the ___________
heat of fusion is taken in
when a substance freezes (liquid to solid) the_________
heat of fusion is given off
what is the formula for specific heat
q= mcT

q=heat added to a substance
m= mass of the substance
c=specific heat (constant)
T=temperature change
directly from solid to gas phase
substance goes straight from gas phase to solid phase
triple point
solid, liquid, and gas coexist simultaneously, they are in equilibrium
critical temperature
highest temperature at which it can exist in liquid pahse
critical pressure
pressure required to liquify a substance at the critical temperature
What is the absolute temperature?
Kelvins (K) = degrees in Celsius (C) + 273
What is pressure?
force per area P=F/A