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gen; isoproterenol
trade; Isuprel
Injection: shock, cardiac arrhythmias
Inhale: emphysema, acute bronchial asthma
gen: midodrine
Trade: ProAmatine
Orthostatic Hypotension
Give while upright and not w/in 4 hrs. of bed time. Will cause supine hypertension
gen: norepinephrine
Trade: Levophed
shock, hypotension and cardic arrest
# 1 Shock
gen: epinephrine
Trade: Adrenalin chloride
Ventricular standstill, treat cardiacarrest, hay fever, relief of bronchial asthma Glaucoma
heart and glaucoma
gen: metaraminol
Trade: Aramine
hypotension w/ spinal anesthesia, hypotension due to hemorrhage,drug and surgical complications Shock associated w/ brain damage
What do ya get when rammed in the head?
ephedrine sulfate
trade: generic
for hypotension, middle ear infection, nasal congestio, allergies
middle ear
gen: dopamine
Trade: Intropin
hypotension, renal failure, shock due to MI trauma, open heart surgery, cardiac decomensation
renal and heart and heart surgery

gen. dobutamine
Trade: Doputrex
cardiac decompensatio caused by cardiac heart disease or cardiac surgical procedures
The adrenergic drugs ( I have 8 of them) are called what else?
mimic the symphathetic system, provides energy that releases from the adrenal gland also called sympathomimetic drugs
most adverse reactions are: anxiety, insomnia, headache, restlessness, tenseness, dizziness, some cause,some cause bp to rise, some to fall, Some bradycardia some of them tachycardia

gen: antilirium
Trade: Physotigmine
Glaucoma and the anti-dote for Atropine
stigma not w/ myasthenia gravis
gen: pyridostigmine bromide

Trade: Mestinon
Myasthenia gravis
only mg
gen: edrophonium
Trade: Tensilon
used for the diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis
urinary freq. muscle weakness, cardiac arrhythmias, inc. bronchio excretions
gen: neostigmine
Trade: Prostigmin
Myasthenia Gravis and urinary retention
cardiac arrhythmias, urinary freq., flushing, bowel cramps, inc. peristalsis, nause, diarrhea, salivation
gen: bethanechol chloride
Trade: Duvoid
to treat acute nonobstructive
urinary retention
abdominal discomfort, Diarrhea, salivation, nausea, flushing and sweating. Hint: Du void!
gen: methacholine
Trade: Provocholine
a miotic (constriction of pupils)
Donnas pupils were too big for the sunny day
gen: pilomiotin (pilocarpine opht)
Trade: Pilocar, Akarpine
for inc. pressure in the eye and to dec. pupil size during eye surgery
the extra NL gave that reflects back to the pilocarpine in the book. blurred vision, pain in eye and dec. night vision
gen: pilocarpine hyrochloride
Trade: Pilocor
Glaucoma l.n. causes miosis, opens channels to let out aqueous humor.
temp. visual reduction in visual reduction, headache
Cholinergic drugs mimic the activity of the parasympathetic system, also called parasympathomimetic drugs.
the parasympathetic system helps conserve body energy, and is partly responsible for slowing the heart rate, digesting food, and elminating wastes.
transmitters are acetylcholine ACh and acetylcholinesterase AChE. adverse effects are nausea, abdo. cramping, salivation, flushing,muscle weakness,opth:temp. visual reduction ,blurred vision.,
Cholinergic blocking drug
gen: dicyclomine HCI
Trade: Bentyl, Di-Spasz
bowel and irritalble bowel syndrome.
adverse: drowsiness, blurred vision, tachycardia,drymouth and urinary hesitancy.
Cholenergic blocking drugs block the transmission of ACh in nerve fiber.
Cholinergic blocking drug
gen: trihexphenidyl
Trade: Artane
Parkinsons disease
disorientation, confusion, blurred vision, drymouth, urinary retention, dizzyness
cholinergic blocking drug
gen: glycopyrrolate
Trade: Robinul
oral: peptic ulcer
parenteral: bronchio secretions. and to block vagel reflexes during anesthesia or intubation.
blurred vision, drymouth, altered perception, urinary hesitation, and retention and vomiting.
cholinergic blocking drug
gen: propantheline bromide
Trade: Pro-Banthine
therepy for peptic ulcer
drymouth, constipation, urinary retention and blurred vision
choinergic blocking drug
gen: scopolamine hydrobromide
Trade generic
pre-anesthetic sedation, motion sickness
confusion, drymouth, constipation, urinary retention, blurred vision
cholinergic blocking drug
gen: atropine
trade: generic
reduction of bronchial and oral secretions and excessive vagil induced bradycardia
drowsiness, blurred vision drymouth, urinary retention