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the determination of a definite weight of a material to be used in the compounding of a prescription or manufacturing of a dosage form.
bowl-shaped containers most frequently used in small scale trituration
instruments consisting of a handle and a rounded head that fits the shape of the interior surface of the mortar
the process whereby a mixture of fine powder is intimately mixed in a mortar
the addition of a nonsolvent liquid to a powder into a cream or an ointment
Ointment Slabs
flat surfaces of glass or nonabsorbable paper pads used to compound ointments or creams
Geometric Dilution
process where the amount added to the mortar is equal to the amount in the mortar
Conical graduates
are cone shaped measuring devices having a wide mouth slowly narrowing to its base
Cylindrical graduates
have a uniform rather small diameter throughout the graduate
cylindrical glass or plastic containers used for mixing of various liquids
the concave or semi-circle shape that the top portion of a liquid conforms to when in a graduated measuring device
TD (To Deliver)
the volume delivered from the graduate is the exact volume desired and the residual remaining solution is in addition to the volume measured
TC (To Contain)
the graduate will hold the desired volume but when transferred, a residual amount remains behind in the graduate making the volume measured slightly inaccurate
prior to use of the products, the proper amount of liquid must be added to powder to form a liquid