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Abbreviation: a
Latin Phrase: ante
Meaning: before
Abbreviation: aa
Latin Phrase: ana
Meaning: of each
Abbreviation: ac
Latin Phrase: ante cibum
Meaning: before meals
Abbreviation: ad
Latin Phrase: ad
Meaning: up to
Abbreviation: ad lib
Latin Phrase: ad libitum
Meaning: as much as desired
Abbreviation: ad
Latin Phrase: auro dextro
Meaning: right ear
Abbreviation: as
Latin Phrase: auro sinister
Meaning: left ear
Abbreviation: am
Latin Phrase: ante meridian
Meaning: before noon
Abbreviation: au
Latin Phrase: auro utro
Meaning: both ears
Abbreviation: bid
Latin Phrase: bis in die
Meaning: twice daily
Abbreviation: c
Latin Phrase: cum
Meaning: with
Abbreviation: d
Latin Phrase: dentur
Meaning: give
Abbreviation: dtd
Latin Phrase: dentur talis
Meaning: dispense of such doses
Abbreviation: f, ft.
Latin Phrase: fac
Meaning: make
Abbreviation: gtt
Latin Phrase: gutta
Meaning: drop
Abbreviation: gtts
Latin Phrase: guttae
Meaning: drops
Abbreviation: h
Latin Phrase: hora
Meaning: hour
Abbreviation: hs
Latin Phrase: hora somni
Meaning: at bedtime
Abbreviation: M
Latin Phrase: misce
Meaning: mix
Abbreviation: M ft.
Latin Phrase: misce et fiat
Meaning: mix + make
Abbreviation: no
Latin Phrase: numus
Meaning: number
Abbreviation: noct
Latin Phrase: noctis
Meaning: night
Abbreviation: non rep, nr
Latin Phrase: non repetatur
Meaning: no refills
Abbreviation: od
Latin Phrase: olulo dextro
Meaning: right eye
Abbreviation: os
Latin Phrase: oculos sinsetra
Meaning: left eye
Abbreviation: ou
Latin Phrase: oculos ultro
Meaning: both eyees
Abbreviation: p
Latin Phrase: post
Meaning: after
Abbreviation: pc
Latin Phrase: post cibum
Meaning: after meals
Abbreviation: per
Latin Phrase: per
Meaning: by
Abbreviation: po
Latin Phrase: per os
Meaning: by mouth
Abbreviation: pm
Latin Phrase: post meridian
Meaning: after noon
Abbreviation: pr
Latin Phrase: per recum
Meaning: rectally
Abbreviation: prn
Latin Phrase: per re nataas
Meaning: as needed
Abbreviation: q
Latin Phrase: quaque
Meaning: every
Abbreviation: qd
Latin Phrase: quaque die
Meaning: every day
Abbreviation: qod
Latin Phrase: -
Meaning: every other day
Abbreviation: q2h
Latin Phrase: quaque 2 horae
Meaning: every 2 hours
Abbreviation: q4h
Latin Phrase: quaque 4 horae
Meaning: every 4 hours
Abbreviation: qid
Latin Phrase: quarter per die
Meaning: 4 times daily
Abbreviation: qs
Latin Phrase: quantum sufficiat
Meaning: up to
Abbreviation: Rx
Latin Phrase: recipe
Meaning: you take
Abbreviation: ss
Latin Phrase: semis
Meaning: 1/2
Abbreviation: sig
Latin Phrase: signa
Meaning: directions
Abbreviation: sos
Latin Phrase: si opus sit
Meaning: if needed
Abbreviation: stat
Latin Phrase: statim
Meaning: immediately
Abbreviation: tid
Latin Phrase: ter in die
Meaning: 3 times daily
Abbreviation: ut dict, ud
Latin Phrase: ut dictum
Meaning: as directed
Abbreviation: qs ad
Latin Phrase: quantum sufficiat ad
add to the amount needed