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Cardiovascular Disease

-Contraindications to treatment
-recent Myocaridal Infarction
-unstable or recent onset of angina
-uncontrolled-must ask if their angina symptoms have changed recently
-significant or uncontrolled arrythmiasor hypertention
Vasoconstrictor use-
1.vasoconstrictor should be used-but it should not exceed ____mg in severely effected patients
2. ____mg -2 dental cartridges
1. .04mg
2. .018mg
Infective endocarditis
1. _______should be given when it's indicated
2. Cardiac pacemakers-
3._______ and ______ diseases may be linked
1. Pre-med
2. no need for pre-med
3. Perio disease and cardiovascular disease
Drugs that as a definition effect the pumping action of the heart-______ ______
Cardiac Glycosides-
_______ increases the force and the strenth of the contraction
Digoxin (Lanoxin)