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what is an adverse reaction to mafenide Acetate?
acid/base imbalance: if respirations become rapid, labored, and shallow discontinue use until acid/base balance is restored
what is alopecia?
male-pattern baldness
what is stevens-johnson syndrom?
large blisters in the oral and anogenital mucosa, pharynx, eyes, and viscera.
what is podophyllum resin used for?
venereal warts
what is a side affect of podophyllum resin?
peripheral neuropathy
blood dyscrasias
kidney impairment
*when treating large areas*
what must the patient have in order for the pharmacist to fill an order of accutane?
Acutane Qualification sticker
What does an accutane qualification sticker mean?
it means that the patient has had...
-2 negative pregnancy tests before beginning treatment
-1 negative pregnancy test before each monthly refill
-2 methods of contraception 1 month before, during, and 1 month after treatment ends
How old can the accutane qualification sticker be?
it has to be less than 7 days old.
What are the adverse reactions to accutane?
-nose bleeds
-inflammation of the eyes and lips
What is used to treat severe cystic acne and what is it derived from?
vitamin A
What is a side effect of tetracycline?
What information should be taught to the patient when starrting teracycline?
don't take medication with antacids or milk products
What are the most commonly prescribed acne topical treatment medication with the least side effects
What kind of cleanser should be used to treat acne?
one that contains benzoyl peroxide