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Primary target of HIV
CD4 cell
Describe HIV life cycle
1. Binding
2. Reverse transcription
6. Viral assembly
Classes of antiretroviral drugs
- Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
- Non nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
- Fusion inhibitors
- Protease inhibitors
AZT - MOA, adverse effects, resistance, clinical use
-MOA - Reverse transcriptase inhibitor
- RESISTANCE - due to mutation in RT gene
- ADVERSE EFFECTS - BM suppresion, thrombocytopenia, granulocytopenia, insomnia, headaches, agitation, myalgia
CLINICAL USE - prevention of vertical transmission, post exposure, HIV associated encephalopathy
Diadenosine - MOA, adverse effects, resistance, which drug you shouldnt use it with
- MOA - inhibit RT and prevents DNA chain elongation
- RESISTANCE - mutation of codon
- ADVERSE REACTIONS - dose dependent pancreatitis (major), peripheral neuropathy
Stavudine - MOA, toxicity
- RT inhibitor
- High oral bioavailability (80%)
TOXICITY - dose dependent peripheral sensory neuropathy (major)
Nevirapine - MOA, adverse effects,
- MOA - non nucleoside RT inhibitor
- ADVERSE REACTIONS - RASH, anorexia, yellow skin, dark urine, fatigue, muscle aches, face swelling, mouth sores
Name non nucleoside RT inhibitors
- Nevirapine
- Delavirdine
- Efavirenz
Name protease inhibitors
- Indinavir
- Nelfinavir
- Saquinavir
- Ritonavir
- Amprenavir
Which drugs should not be used with protease inhibitors
- HMG reductase CoA inhibitors - statins
- Viagra
Name HIV fusion inhibitors
T- 20 and T- 1249
T20 - MOA,
- MOA - binds to gp- 41
Therapy of any viral infection is aimed at_
- Arresting or delaying replication of the virus to preserve adequate number of target cells
Two drugs that are phosphorylated by viral enzymes kinases rather then host cell kinases
- Acyclovir
- Gancyclovir