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What synthesizes and degrades acytelcholine?
choline aceyl transferase and acetylcholinesterase
what synthesizes and degrades norepinephrine
(tyrosine to dopa)
epi to NE by PMNT
tyrosine to dopa by tyrosine hydroxylase
Uptake 1 by MOA, uptake 2 by COMT
Epinephrine binding
a1 b1, b2
NE binding
a1 b1
Phenylephrine binding
alpha 1 + 2 agonist
isoproterenol binding
beta 1 + 2 agonist
Phentolamine binding
a1 antagonist
fxn of a1
constricts blood vessels
fxn of b1
increases HR
fxn of b2
dialates bv to skeletal muscle
b1 + b2 antagonist
physostigmine action
blocks acetylcholinesterase
amphetamine action
displaces NE from presynaptic terminal
cocaine action
blocks re-uptake of released NE
atropine binding and specificity and selectivity
blocks acetylcholine at muscarinic recpetors of circular muscle
Morphine binding
autonomic segment of oculomotor nucleus of brain
quality of yohimbine at low dose. type of specificity
first a2 antagonist at low doses
low specificity