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magnesium causes which side effect?
aluminum causes which side effect?
Amphojel is which kind of antacid? (what's in it?)
Tums is which kind of antacid? (what's in it?)
calcium carbonate
generic name for Zantac?
generic name for Tagamet?
generic name for Pepcid?
generic name for Axid?
generic name for Cytotec?
generic name for Prilosec?
generic name for Prevacid?
generic name for Carafate?
generic name for Azulfidine?
generic name for Cystospaz?
generic name for Lomotil?
diphenoxylate -c atropine
generic name for Imodium?
generic name for Lactinex?
lactobacillus acidophilus
generic name for docusate?
generic name for Dramamine?
generic name for Antivert?
generic name for Reglan?
generic name forCompazine
generic name for Dulcolax?
generic name for Enulose?
generic name for Phenergan?
generic name for Transderm-Scop?
T/F: antacids reduces gastric acid?
F - it neutralizes it
T/F: Azulfidine is used for IBS and ulcerated colitis?
T/F: Carafate reduces gastric acid?
F - it decreases pepsin and makes paste
T/F: Tagamet and Zantac can be used long term?
F - nasty side effects
T/F: Recurrent, resistant ulcers can be caused by H pylori?
T/F: Metamucil should not be taken daily?
F - it is the only laxative that can be daily
T/F: Stimulant laxatives can cause dependence?
T/F: Tums can cause constipation?
T/F: Amphojel can cause constipation?
T/F: If antacids are taken w/in 2 hrs, digoxin effectiveness is reduced?
T/F: Zantac and Tagamet are histamine2 receptor antagonists?
T/F: Pepcid causes gynecomastia?
T/F: Pepcid has the same side effects as Zantac and Tagamet?
F - it has fewer
Which anti-ulcer med is an antisecretory agent but not histamine2 antag.
Name 2 proton pump inhibitors
Prilosec and Prevacid
How does Carafate work?
reacts with hcl to form a paste to stick to mucosa
Which anti-ulcer med is an inhibitor of pepsin?
Carafate (sucralfate)
Name the anticholinergic that is used adjunct in peptic ulcer Tx?
Cystospaz (hyoscyamine)
How does Azulfidine work?
anti-inflammaroty in GI tract
T/F: Cystospaz is an antispasmotic / anticholinergic?
Side effects of Cystospaz are ___________ in nature?
anti-cholinergic (dry mouth, blurred vision, etc)
List the anti-cholinergic side effects.
dry mouth, blurred vision, urinary reten, confusion
List the ant-acid meds
Amphojel, Tums, Maalox, Mylanta
List the Anti-ulcer / GERD meds that are histamine2 receptor antagonists
Tagamet, Zantac, Pepcid, Axid
List the anti-ulcer / Gerd meds that inhibit secretion by being similar to prostaglandin E1
List the Anti-ulcer / GERD meds that are proton pump inhibitors
Prilosec, Prevacid, Protonix, Aciphex
List the anti-diarrhea med that absorbs to achieve a drying effect
List the anti-diarrhea med that slows intestinal motility
Lomotil, Imodium
List the anti-diarrhea med that is an acid-producing bacterium used along with antibiotics
List the antiflatulent meds
What are the side effects of the antflatulent med?
none, but contraindicated in infant colic - no info
List the Bulk-forming laxatives
What meds cause anticholinergic side effects?
Lomotil, Cytospaz
How should metamucil be taken?
mixed in a full glass of h2o, followed by full glass h2o
How long does it take for metamucil to work?
12-72 hours
How often should metamucil be given?
1-3 times per day
Who is metamucil the med of choice for?
geriatrics and/or laxative-dependent patients
What Dx is metamucil also used for?
maintainence of diverticulosis
T/F: metamucil is used for chronic, watery diarrhea?
T - it adds bulk to the stools
What are the contraindications for metamucil?
abd pain, partial bowel obstr., dysphagia, esoph obstr.
List the stool softener meds
Colace (docusate), senna
What is the onset of colace?
12-72 hours
What group are stool softeners the drug of choice for?
pregnant or nursing women, children -c dry, hard stools
What are the side effects of mineral oil?
anal irritation, malabsorption of fat sol vitamins
List the saline laxatives
MOM, citrate of magnesia
How often should saline laxatives be given?
single doses only, infrequently
List side effects of saline laxatives
E imbalance, weakness, sedation, confusion, edema, cardiac, renal, ahe hepatic complications
Onset of saline laxatives
0.5 - 3 hours
List the stimulant laxatives
senna, cascara, castor oil, aloe, bisacodyl (Bisacolax)
What were the Anti-ulcer / GERD meds that are histamine2 receptor antagonists again?
Tagamet, Zantac, Pepcid, Axid
When should stimulant laxatives be used?
pre-op, proctoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, post barium xrays, whenever rapid evacuation is required
What is the onset of stimulant laxatives?
0.25 - 8 hours (have a catcher's mit ready)
How do the stimulant laxatives work?
by producing strong peristaltic activity
Can stimulant laxatives cause nausea?
List the other side effects of stimulant laxatives.
abd cramps, rectal/colon irritation (supp), loss of normal bowel function -c prolonged use, E imbalance -c prolonged use, discoloration of urine -c senna and cascara
What is a major concern with prolonged use of stimulant laxatives?
habit forming, can lose normal bowel function
List the hyperosmotic laxatives
Lactulose, Glycerin
How do the hyperosmotic laxatives work?
draws water from tissues into feces, reflexive evacuation
List the 3 most common antiemetics
Torecan, Compazine, Tigan
List the common antiemetics used in preop, postop and chemo
Phenergan, zofran, Kytril, Anzemet
List the common antiemetics used for motion sickness prevention
Dramamine, scopolamine
When should you give Dramamine?
30 minutes before motion
What is Trans-scop?
scopolamine patch applied 4 hrs b4 and lasts for 72 hrs
T/F: Dramamine is available IM, but scopolamine is not.
F - both are available in IM form
Which antiemetic is used for treating Sx of Meniere's disease?
Antivert (meclizine), treats the sx of the vertigo
Which one causes more drowsiness, meclizine or Dramamine?
List the side effects of antiemetics
confusion, anxiety, restlessness, sedation, vertigo, weakness, depression, dry mouth, blurred vision, EPSE(esp in children, elderly with compazine), cardiac arrhythmias- if IV to fast.
Which antiemetic works by stimulating upper GI motility (gastric emptying)
List all the meds that cause ESPE
Reglan, Compazine,
List the med that can cause spontaneous abortion
Cytotec, (misoprostol)
What is a major concern with prolonged use of antacids?
May mask symptoms of GI bleeding or malignancy