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Aminoglycosides are considered what type of anitbiotics
Narrow Spectrum/ Bacteriacidal
Aminoglycosides are administered how
parenterally to treat systemic infections
Most commonly used Aminoglycosides are
Gentamycin, Tobramycin, Amikacin, Streptomycin
Amikamycin is used for
infections that are unresponsive to other aminoglycosides
What aminoglycoside has the broadest spectrum
Streptomycin is used to treat
Oral aminoglycosides are given
prophylactically in colorectal surgery
Topical aminoglycosides are used to treat infections of the
eyes, ears , skin
Do not use aminoglycoside to treat what
Aminoglycosides bind to
KIDNEYS/ increases Nephrotoxicity
Aminoglycosides penetrate
EAR/ increases Ototoxicity
When do you test Trough Level
prior to next dose
When do you test Peak Level
1 hr. Before IM injection and 30min. After IV infusion is complete
Drug interactions with aminoglycosides are
PCN's, Ototoxic drugs, Nephrotoxic drugs, Skeletal muscle relaxants